✔ Opinions of TCL 10 SE, is it worth it? [2021]

When looking for a mobile, we don’t always look for it to have the latest specifications and the largest camera. Sometimes we want a rig that has a balanced feature set at a price that doesn’t make us cringe. This is the case of the TCL 10 SE, an entry phone from the Asian company that you can find in stores with quite attractive offers. But is it worth buying the mobile in 2021? Is it worth it compared to other phones on the market? In this article we gather the opinions of the TCL 10 SE from users who have bought the mobile in stores: opinions of the battery, cameras, performance, updates…

You can search opinions of the TCL 10 SE mobile in a forum or other platforms, but we also recommend take a look at their valuation in stores. Among the most interesting features is its large 6.52-inch screen, a triple camera on the rear with a 48-megapixel main sensor, 4 GB of RAM or a reversible cable charging function to charge peripherals such as headphones without cables. You can find the TCL 10 SE on Amazon or Media Markt for a price of 130 euros.

The nature of this article is merely informative. TechUnwrapped.comis only limited to collecting testimonials from users found on third-party pages, so it stands out from the opinions expressed by them, as well as from the accusations made to the company regarding its services and / or after-sales service.

Opinions of the TCL 10 SE in 2021 : pros, cons and problems

In the absence of a review or analysis of the TCL 10 SE , a simple search on the Internet can be used to form an opinion of this cheap mobile. We have gone to two of the most popular stores on the Internet to find out the real opinions of users who have actually bought the phone. The overall rating is good, with 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon and 4.2 stars out of 5 on Media Markt. However, as usually happens in these cases, there are reviews of all kinds, and that can help you form a more precise idea of ​​which are the most powerful features of the model but also its problems and weak points.

Reviews of the TCL 10 SE Pro from positive users

We read on Amazon:

“I love. I’ve been with it for more than a month and it’s going great. I’ve tried 3 before this …

Superior to all those in this price range. Good camera, smooth navigation without cuts, sounds great, clear screen, NFC, facial and fingerprint, large storage capacity …

Without a doubt, for me, it has been the best option after trying this range and above in price. I also took it on sale for € 99… incredible… highly recommended even though it is € 130. »

«Very good mobile for its cost. Perfectly valid for the use that 90% of people give to the mobile unless you have high requirements to play for the rest of the uses, it is perfect and moves the apps with ease.

The processor is low-end (hence the price) but does not clash for normal use and office automation. In addition, the Achilles heel of these mediatek processors, which is the GPS, has already been solved and works perfectly.

The battery for now passes two days of use with dualsim so I’m also happy. In general I consider it a good purchase »

« It is one of the best mobile phones that I had in my hand.

Totally satisfied in games where it takes other mobiles of more renowned brands, this takes less … and when I say less is less … the less waiting time is very noticeable.

Resistant, I have 2 babies at home , I have been beaten and bitten and drooled and nothing is a stone.

I am delighted with the mobile, in fact I bought another one for another member of the family.


We read in Media Markt:

«Great value for money. It does its job. “

” The truth is, very well. Functional, nice, good size, good photos. »

« It is a super mobile. It’s fast and it was very easy to set it up. They delivered it earlier than expected. Very good experience.”

Opinions of the TCL 10 of users with problems and failures in 2021

We read in Media Markt:

«Some technical data of the web advertising do not match the purchased model. For example, the advertisement indicates 1 mini SIM card and 1 micro SIM card. And yet the two cards are MICRO SIM. »

« I bought this product for my son after comparing with others. It has a suitable RAM memory so as not to be short, memory expansion if you want with a micro SD card, the quality of the photos is quite good and the audio too. Important security keyboard for passwords, security by fingerprint, pattern and face. Maybe the 6.52 »screen is a bit big. The worst thing that is having trouble finding tempered glass for the screen.

Highly recommended product. »

“All good. The mobile goes like a shot. I’m not giving it five stars because I haven’t found a specific screen protector for this model. »

Reviews of TCL 10 SE and negative reviews

We read on Amazon:

«Nice it is but I’ve been with it for a week and not the screen has stopped failing me, it gets caught on any website and if you see any video it also fails, it gets caught but the audio continues and it won’t let you do anything while… The camera is a poop and not to mention recording videos… I’ve had bad mobiles but never like this one … !! »

« Okay, but you can tell it is from the range low in some aspects such as vibration, I am going to return it because it seems overrated in its price. »

We read in Media Markt:

«I bought this product at the beginning of the month the first one I had to change because the signal was not cut off in normal calls in any Anywhere I was, and after a while the WhatsApp video calls if I hung up and called again I could no longer do it, it was as if blocked.

With the second mobile that I changed, the calls are better, the problem of WhatsApp calls persists, I have to restart it to get it working fine again.

For the price the rest of the functions are fine. »

“The phone was used, and without the screen sticker.”


Screen 6.52 inch LCD, HD + resolution (1,600 x 720 pixels) and 450 nits brightness
Main camera 48 megapixel main sensor and focal aperture f / 1.8

Secondary sensor with 8 megapixel wide-angle lens and f / 2.2 focal aperture

2 megapixel quaternary depth sensor and f / 2.4 focal aperture
Selfie camera 8 megapixel sensor and f / 2.0 focal aperture
Internal memory 128 GB
Extension Via micro SD cards up to 1 TB
Processor and RAM Eight-core MediaTek Helio P22
PowerVR GE8320

Battery 4,000 mAh with 15W fast charge (a compatible charger must be purchased separately)
Operating system Android 10
Connections 4G LTE, WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, GPS, Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi Direct, NFC and US B type C
SIM Dual nano SIM
Design Construction in polycarbonate

Colors: silver and blue
Dimensions 164.9 x 74.7 x 8.39 millimeters and 166 grams
Featured Features Fingerprint sensor fingerprint, reversible wired charging
Release date D available
Price 130 euros in Amazon

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