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Realme may not yet sound like a brand to you, but the Asian company has come into force with several mobiles with a relationship between quality and very interesting price. In fact, with a strategy that is very reminiscent of Xiaomi’s when it was unveiled in Europe. The Realme 7 Pro is an excellent proof of this, thanks to specifications such as its AMOLED-type screen. But is it worth it? Is it worth it compared to other options on the market? If you are thinking of buying this mobile, we have decided to gather in this article the opinions of the Realme 7 Pro of users who have purchased the terminal so that you can know both its main advantages and its possible problems and cons: battery opinions, performance, quality of the photographs …

Among the features of the Realme 7 Pro that attract the most attention is, without a doubt, its screen. The use of an AMOLED panel significantly improves both the visual experience and the performance of the equipment, since it uses less energy than traditional LCD panels. This screen has a diagonal of 6.4 inches and Full HD + resolution. It also highlights its photographic section, with four cameras on the back topped by a 64 megapixel sensor and aperture of f / 1.8. Of course, be careful when buying the Realme 7 Pro! It does not have 5G, so you will not be able to enjoy the speeds of these networks. But perhaps the best thing about the Realme 7 Pro is the price. We have found it in stores like Amazon at 265 euros.

The nature of this article is merely informative. TechUnwrapped.comis only limited to collecting testimonials from users found on third-party pages, so it stands out from the opinions expressed by them, as well as from the accusations made to the company regarding its services and / or after-sales service.

Positive and negative Realme 7 reviews

Realme 7 reviews in 2021: pros, cons and problems

In the absence of a review with analysis of characteristics, a simple search on the Internet is enough to form a opinion of the Realme 7 Pro . Many users compare it to the Mi Note 10 Lite or the Mi 10 Lite from Xiaomi, but it is a small notch above in its specifications. In any case, it is worth taking a look at the reviews of users who have actually bought the mobile to know their strengths and weaknesses. The overall rating is good, with 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon, but as always there are opinions of all kinds.

Reviews of the Realme 7 Pro of positive users

We read on Amazon:

«I had doubts when buying it because for a similar price there are other more powerful devices, however, I decided on this one for a matter as simple as the screen AMOLED and the look. I am delighted, it works like a shot, it charges in 30 minutes, the screen is of top quality but also the finishes of the phone and the feeling in hand are very good. Highly recommended. »

« Good AMOLED screen, it is fluid, the battery lasts 2 days except That you give it a lot of energy, and especially the charge… From 30% to 100% it takes 30 minutes and in 15 minutes you have half the battery charged. Hard to beat in the mid-range. For me, not having 90 Hz is not a problem, moreover, it probably favors a longer battery life. »

«Good value mobile phone, the screen looks great. Good autonomy. The software is well polished. Super fast charging, the only thing that lacks in night photos, in good light it complies. »

We read in PcComponentes:

«Perfect smartphone for day to day, it is fluid and has all the Google apps. Integrated Google Assistant. 65W fast charging is the best, although the charger is a bit large. EXCELLENT value for money.

Advantages: AMOLED screen with good brightness / 65W fast charge, in 35 minutes at 100% / Compact size / 3.5 mm Jack / Dual Sim / Transparent cover included and protective film factory set screen

Disadvantages: No FM Radio / No 5G / No Headphones / Bulky charger. »

«Good size, very good quality / price ratio. The blue color I expected a little brighter, but it is the least. I recommend the purchase. »

« With this mobile you are really going to eat the market. I have been with it since the day it was launched on the web and the truth is that I am quite satisfied. I use it a lot to play games (Fortnite, Call of Duty, Genshin Impact, Mobile Legends, games that are heavy and need heavy graphics and at the moment no gameplay or application error. ”

We read in PhoneHouse:

“Good value for money mobile phone. Very good quality in the photos. It arrived earlier than expected, and a very attentive seller, worrying about shipping.”

We read in MediaMarkt:

«Quick and without No bug at the moment, comfortable in hand. Recommended, I have another one of this brand and continuous updates. OK »

«It is perfect, very good product, very good quality at a good price.»

Opinions of the Realme 7 Pro with problems and bugs in 2021

We read on Amazon:

«A mid-range smartphone, medium-high for 279 euros, with features of high-end phones.

The 65w fast charge has charged me 100% in about 35-40min, a real pass. The 8GB of ram and 128GB of storage make a good combination. I fully recommend the purchase of this product.

Cons: I have had some occasional performance problem with the micro sd card, it did not let me access the multimedia files of it (information from my previous smartphone), I don’t know if it was due to incompatibility or some virus I had. I have also had problems when entering the play store (only once) that was fixed when restarting the mobile. »

«It is a very good phone for quality and price, the charge is amazingly fast, it charges fully in 40 minutes. It has many good parts such as the battery, the super fast charge, the Amoled screen, the Color OS layer is very polished. And its bad points are the refreshment Hz that is 60 but that is not appreciated at the user level. The cameras are very fair and I wish I had had 5g to be able to last more years with this mobile. »

Reviews of the Realme 7 Pro and negative opinions with disadvantages

We read on Amazon:

«I really like the mobile phone and the load is very fast. But when recording video, the sound of it records it fatally. Sounds that are not detected and not recorded. I have tried other mobiles at the same time and these do record them perfectly. I asked for a change in case it was only the one that had touched me, but this new one records just as badly. I think I’m going to return it. That such a common function (videos) record the sound badly … »

« The first day, after a few hours of use, the screen began to interfere and turn off every time I unlocked it. Obviously I returned it. I had already happened to another realme before, but I thought it was because of the phone itself, not because of the brand. »

We read in MediaMarkt:

«I bought the mobile two and a half weeks ago. I have used it little, “full” time this last week (all day but with the basic functions of WhatsApp and little else), without punishing it.

The camera is not so bad in relation to how they sell it. The photos in general are good, but not as much as they say, they have a lot of details sometimes very good, but there is always a touch like blurry or artificial, especially if you take photos of a text, the letters come out blurred, and that in my old 5-year-old smartphone did not pass. The 64 mp camera makes them blurry most of the time because if you move 0.0000001 mm the time spent “creating” the photo no longer comes out well, and in that mode it does not allow zoom. The night mode I do admit that it is quite good. The videos would say that too, but I’ve only done one.

Fast charging has worked for me well once, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised because until 1 week later I did not need to charge it, but yesterday that fast charge was going at times (other times it took 15 minutes to charge 1% …, and it was the same plug, and its original charger and cable). I do not know what happened. After a while it reloaded well. And in just noon, with normal use (rather little) I have downloaded 25% (many of you will think that it has been downloaded little, but for the use that I give it and compared to my other mid-range smartphones, it is too much, It should have discharged 10-15%. I do not have the location set, I have the brightness almost to the minimum …), which I insist last week was not like that, it lasted much longer, and yet they sell the battery as something prodigious. The brightness of the mobile is very weak. The flashlight shines poorly….

Removing all that (as if that were not enough) of working well for now. But I already say, for how they sell it is a bit disappointing. I do not return it because the 14 days of return have already passed and because I am afraid to choose another one just as “good”, in addition to the fact that the offer I took has already passed. It is true that for this price and compared to other smartphones on the market it is passable, but for me it is certainly not worth it. I would rather have spent a little more (even more !!) on a better one.

Perhaps it seems that I am criticizing too much, but between how well many videos on the Internet promote it and what it costs (almost € 300, no matter how much you compare it with other more expensive ones, it is a fortune) I think I can afford it. But hey, I want to think that this mobile will also last for many years without giving me too many failures to at least amortize …

The treatment of the staff of Mediamarkt de Alicante was good, although I bought it when the 25 € discount offer came out on purchases over € 250, I went in the afternoon (17h or there) and They didn’t even have it activated on the computers, in fact the worker I asked did not even know what I was talking about…. »

Data sheet

Realme 7 Pro

Snapdragon 720G

6 and 8 GB of RAM

Manufactured in polycarbonate

Colors: Black, Green and Pink

Screen 6.4 inches with AMOLED technology, Corning Gorilla Glass protection, 20: 9 aspect ratio, F resolution ull HD + and 60 Hz frequency
Main Camera – 64 megapixel main sensor and focal aperture f / 1.8
– 8 megapixel secondary sensor with wide angle lens and f / 2.3 focal aperture

– 2 megapixel tertiary sensor with depth lens, monochrome colorimetry and f / 2.4 focal aperture

– 2 megapixel quaternary sensor with macro lens and f / 2.4 focal aperture
Camera takes selfies Sensor 32 megapixel main with wide angle lens focal aperture f / 2.5
Internal memory 128 and 256 GB of type UFS 2.1
Extension Via micro SD cards
Processor and RAM
Battery 4,500 mAh with 65 W fast charge
Operating system Android 10 under Realme UI
Connections 4G LTE, WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS + GLONASS Dual, headphone jack and USB type C
SIM Dual nano SIM + micro SD
Dimensions and weight 160.9 x 74.3 x 8.7 millimeters and 182 grams
Featured Features Fingerprint sensor under the bread carving, software face unlock, 65W fast charging, dual stereo speakers, dual nano SIM and micro SD…
Release dateAvailable
Price 265 euros on Amazon

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