0 AD is updated, Windows 11 runs programs from 1995 and up

In fact, to give you an idea, below we are going to talk about the important advances that a game is undergoing of which many of you are attentive. Moreover, it is a title that has been in full development and improving for about a decade.

The free alternative to Age of Empires, 0 AD, gets updated

Well, we are talking about that open source proposal that is being developed to compete directly with the popular Age of Empires, we are talking about 0 AD By this, what we really mean is that its developers Wildfire games, they have updated the title again as a demonstration that the project is going forward.

Keep in mind that we are facing a high quality game, totally free, that wants to face Age of Empires. In fact, for many of those who have already tried one of its Alpha versions, they assure that it has nothing to envy the Microsoft title. Therefore, in this Alpha 25 baptized as Yauna, we find new biomes and improvements related to the general appearance of the game. It is also worth knowing that various graphical enhancements and new textures have been implemented.

In order to be able to try this free game first hand, it is something that you can do at no cost from this same link.

They get to install and run 1995 programs on Windows 11

We are a few weeks away from the official arrival of the new Windows 11. This operating system will come from the hand of Microsoft And, how could it be otherwise, it will come packed with features and improvements. It is possible that he himself serves to convince those who do not want to use Windows 10.

However, thanks to the Preview versions of the system, in addition to knowing the news that it will bring, many are already testing it. We tell you this because in fact some are installing and running programs from the past year 1995, for example, in the current Windows 11.

To give you an idea on Reddit, a video has been published in which we can see Adobe Photoshop 4.0 program working without any problem in the new version of the operating system. And the same happens with Microsoft Plus! for Windows 95, a tool to improve the longed-for Windows 95 system and that also works in the new version that is to come.

Windows95 11

They launch a spectacular Office concept

Leaving aside the operating system of the Redmond, another of its star products is the office suite, Office. We want to talk about it here due to an impressive concept that a user has just made public. One of the main objectives of this design is none other than to improve the user experience with the set of programs. In the published video you can see how these applications better interact with each other, as well as with the user himself.

office concept

Something that we must bear in mind at this point is that it is a concept developed by a user that has nothing to do with Microsoft itself. But the Redmond firm could take note and some of the functions seen here.

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