1 TB USB flash drive for your pocket on offer

The flash drive is still one of the most comfortable ways we can find to always carry our important files with us. It is true that, thanks to mobile phones and cloud storage, it is less and less common to find this type of device. In addition, although the smaller capacity units cost a few euros, if we want something with a large capacity we must spend a lot of money. Fortunately, if you are looking one of the largest capacity flash drives in the worldtoday we bring you an offer that you cannot miss.

This USB stick we are talking about is the Kingston DataTraveler MAX. According to the Kingston website, this flash drive is capable of offering us read speeds of 1000 MB/s and write speeds of 900 MB/s. In practice, these speeds are usually not very realistic, although the tests that some users have shared on Amazon return surprisingly good data, with about 800 MB/s reading and 300 MB/s writing, without speed drops when copying files. .

Kingston Data Traveler MAX

In terms of size, the pendrive is somewhat larger than other similar pendrives, since many more cells have to be put inside to be able to make the terabyte of storage. This unit is sized at 9.1 cm long, 2.2 cm wide, and 0.9 cm thick. And only 14 grams of weight. In addition, it is important to note that Kingston offers us a 5-year warranty with free technical assistance to help us solve any problem.

This flash drive has a normal price of 156.80 euros, but, for a limited time, we will be able to get it with a 14% discount. In other words, we can get hold of this excellent flash drive for only 134.80 euros.

This flash drive is sold and shipped by Amazon, which not only allows us to enjoy the benefits of Amazon Prime, but also gives us some security that, if we have any problems, we will be able to resort and get our money back. The shipment, and the return if we are not satisfied, is totally free.

If we prefer, for a few cents more we will be able to get the version with a USB type C connector, which gives us greater speed and will allow us to take better advantage of the potential of this flash drive. This unit costs, normally, 180 euros, but we also have it reduced with a 25% discount, which allows us to get hold of it for 135.15 euros, only 35 cents more than the normal USB drive. In addition, this unit is 1 cm smaller thanks to its connector.

Also, if we don’t want to spend so much money, we will also be able to buy this flash drive in other capacities. For example, we have the 256 GB model for 60 euros, and the 512 GB model for 84 euros. Both, yes, do not currently have any discount.

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