10 (Almost) Free Steam Games to Play for Hours

We have all felt disappointed at some point spending 60 euros or more on a title “triple A” that promised a lot in their trailers. And, quite the opposite. Spend a few euros on a play indieor even an old one and to think that it cannot be possible to have paid so little for so many hours of fun. Here are a few ideas so you can enjoy for a long time spending as little money as possible.

Geometry Dash

For less than 4 euros, Geometry Dash offers you a platform game dangerous, with great music to keep you going rhythm of levels. in the purest style super mario maker, you will also be able to create your own worlds, share them and challenge your friends. Just to be able to access all the collection of levels created by the community, Geometry Dash it’s already worth it. A challenging title for all those who have fun with games like Light blue.

Cities Skylines

Released in 2015, Cities Skylines is considered one of the best city simulatorsachieving even higher valuations than SimCity. In fact, this title arose thanks to the stumble of simcity in the year 2013.

In Cities Skylines there are no limits to creativity. You can make the city you want. you can start with the base gamewhich has a ridiculous price, and later buy some expansions if you feel like it. It is a truly spectacular title that will make you think that you have paid very little money for it. YouTube is full of videos with cities full of life, replicas of cities that we all know and tutorials to get the most out of the game. Cities Skylines It’s one of those video games They can never be missing from your Steam collection.

stardew valley

What can be said about this title that hasn’t already been said? Eric Baron is the director, producer, designer, artist, writer, composer and programmer of this work. drawing inspiration from Harvest Moon, the Californian decided to produce a video game at home after finishing his programming studies at the University of Washington. The result is one of the most elaborate games in history, because every detail is worked with great care. Released in 2017, stardew valley has reached multiple platforms and has never stopped receiving updates up the date. Its price is ridiculous compared to the number of hours it can offer the player. Eric has not only made a masterpiece, he has shown that, with effort, love and dedication, it is possible get over even to major studios in the video game industry.

For less than €10: “Old” titles that should not be missing from your collection

cheap steam games

If you have a underpowered computer or you don’t have much budgethere is a “chopped” of games that you will be able to play with somewhat old hardware and that are a real plum Today. You can also give them a try if at the time they came out, you didn’t have a computer ‘Master Race’ enough to move them and you were left wanting:

  • Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition: For just over 4 euros, you get the best title in the saga by far with its huge list of DLCs. It’s almost an insult to Obsidian to get so much for so little money.
  • far cry 3: For many, the best Farcry of all. do you have the version deluxe for just 9 euros.
  • god ex: You can buy any RPG of this saga starting from a price as ridiculous as 2 euros.
  • half life 2: For one euro, you can play one of the best sequels in video game history. And on top of that, it hasn’t aged badly.
  • Left 4 Dead 2: For less than 4 euros, you have zombies for a while, and even a version for virtual reality glasses.
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience: You can rob Kojima himself by buying this for just 5 euros.
  • Mass Effect 2: You will need to play the first part as well to fully enjoy this title. In any case, you can get both for sheer change.

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