10 Fortnite maps that will make you forget about building in this battle royale forever

Traditionally, Fortnite’s creative mode has been one more way to enjoy this game, allowing users to create their own maps, maps that were used to enjoy in a closed environment with our friends for several hours without depending on the traditional game modes. With the release of Creative 2.0, it is now possible to create your own Fortnite games from scratch in addition to monetizing them, without the need to use the game base.

Of course, the process is not that simple and it is necessary to have some knowledge of programming languages ​​in addition to downloading the UEFN application (Unreal Engine for Fortnite), a free application that we can download from the store itself. This mode was released a few weeks ago and since then the number of available maps has increased considerably.

If you want to know which are the best maps in Fortnite Creative 2.0 mode, we invite you to continue reading.

  • Course Motocross Fun. As we can well deduce from the name, this map allows a maximum of 10 players to race in an open world. Map code: 9711-9645-8588v1
  • scary doll. This map invites us to go through long corridors where we must escape from a giant doll that comes after us. We must look for the box looking for all the dolls that are hidden in order to find the exit. A total of 4 players can play this map. Map code: 7595-1913-2803v3
  • Murder: The Clue. It is a title where a maximum of 10 players have to discover who the murderer is, a game that undoubtedly reminds us a lot of Among Us. The map code of this game is 8871-1963-4365v5
  • Operation: Sandstorm. This is the closest thing to Call of Duty that you can find in the creative mode where our objective is to capture the flag and defend ourselves from the enemies. Map code: 3614-5741-8031
  • Button of time. If we like to travel in time, this map cannot be missing from our collection and which we can access through code 1711-5230-0230
  • golfnite. Playing golf is an excellent way to relax, an option that Fortnite’s 2.0 creative mode also offers us with a maximum of 10 players and which we can access with the following code 1873-9339-4724v12
  • deadpines: zombie survival. If we love the zombie theme and we enjoy annihilating ourselves, this map is one that cannot be missing from our library. Island code: 0598-1708-7538
  • Surprise City Roleplay. Another interesting option if we like GTA V roleplay is this map where we can play with up to 30 players. To access this map, we must use the island code 9764-1282-3196
  • Forest keeper. Although relatively short, Forest Guardian is a clear example of what Fortnite’s creative mode 2.0 offers us. The island code where it is available is 0348-4483-3263.
  • Valhalla. The Vikings come to Fortnite through this spectacular open world map that we can access through the island code 0399-0154-2182.

How to access Fortnite creative mode 2.0

In addition to these maps, within the section Discover, we can find a large number of maps of all kinds, all of them available completely free of charge. Next to the map, the number of users currently playing the map is also displayed, giving us an idea of ​​how popular or not a certain map may be. If we do not want to search for the map we want to access, we can enter the island code by clicking on island code located at the top.

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