10 games or stages that made us angry

Games help countless people to have fun and relax without having to think about other things. However, some titles or even stages seem to end up marking the moment of anger for players due to their high difficulty or other more specific factors.

With a good dose of nostalgia, decided to remember 10 games or stages that ended up turning into moments of anger. Check out!

10 games or stages that made us angry


Battletoads is undeniably a classic, which won versions for several video games, but being easy was never one of its “virtues”. One of the stages that most angers players to this day is the one on the motorcycle, in which it’s practically necessary to decorate where each of your obstacles will be.

The remember part is maybe not so bad when it should be remembered that, when playing the title in co-op mode, the death of a player means “Game Over”.

driver 1

Driver started on PlayStation and PC bringing a different proposal from other titles in which the player took on the role of a getaway pilot. The game may not even be considered that difficult, but its tutorial, which was mandatory, frustrated a lot of people.

In general, before starting a game, players needed to learn how to do a series of maneuvers in a garage. It is true that after a few attempts, everything was relatively simple, but a mistake could practically make the player have to start the tutorial from scratch, having to control their anger and frustration to “play for real”.

Sekiro – Great Shinobi – Owl

O Sekiro it’s a souls-like game and that alone could be a good reason for it to be on our list, but a more specific boss was chosen by us. At the top of Ashina Castle, we face the “Great Shinobi – Owl”, which is quite difficult to defeat.

In general, to beat this boss, you need to make him believe that he’ll give you one or two hits to open a space in your guard. Even with this tip, the task is not easy and don’t expect to be less angry thanks to it.

Toy Story

The first Toy Story movie won a very competent platform game for Mega Drive and Super Nintendo. In the title, we mostly control Wood, but the game was marked by some very difficult stages.

One of these stages takes place in Pizza Planet, in which Wood needs to hide in a plastic cup while avoiding being hit with different foods. Buzz Lightyear, of course, follows the player, but thankfully doesn’t get in the way.

Nioh 2 – Yatsu-no-Kami

In another souls-like game on our list, the choice of the time was for this “serpent goddess”, better known as Yatsu-no-Kami. In addition to having very fast movements, she has “two arms”, in fact other snakes attached to her body, which greatly hinder the player’s life.

The battle, of course, is plausible, but the urge to throw the controller against the wall while taking its hits is immense.

Guitar Hero 3 – Through the Fire and Flames

Guitar Hero 3 is a plate full of fun for those who enjoy good rock or metal, and its gameplay is nothing short of addictive. The title may contain a lot of easy songs, but that’s certainly not the case with Dragonforce’s “Through the Fire and Flames”.

The song is considered to be one of the most difficult in the series, and even on easier levels, the “solos” give players a good headache.

Mineirinho Adventures

This Brazilian title may not be known by many people, but its difficulty, at least absurd, makes the player constantly angry. In the title, players control the “Little Miner” who needs to recover food that was stolen by aliens.

The title’s gameplay is somewhat sluggish and many players who have had the chance to test it consider it to be the most difficult title they have ever played.

Beavis and Butt-Head (Mega Drive)

Beavis and Butt-Head started as an MTV animation and gained a game, which made a lot of players angry in the 90’s. In the title, which even had an adaptation for Snes with fewer stages and other differences, players need to help the characters to get a ticket to a rock concert.

In addition to leaving players without knowing where to go and with many poorly explained and almost clueless mysteries, the game’s stages were extremely difficult to complete due to its numerous obstacles.

Mortal Kombat II – Kintaro

Mortal Kombat II was a game that amused a lot of people in video games and arcades with a lot of blood being spread across the screen. However, one of your bosses can be considered extremely difficult.

Before facing Shao Kahn, players need to face Kintaro, who had extremely strong punches despite his speed.

Elden Ring – Malenia

To close our list, the choice was for another boss of a souls-like title, this time Elden Ring. Malenia is considered by many to be the toughest fight in the game due to its aggressive style and full of combos.

The fight against it takes place at the end of Miquella’s Hailgtree dungeon. Before facing her, the only tip we can give you to spend less anger is to defeat the other bosses first to have enough power to deal damage to her.

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