10 great games that you can buy for less than 1 euro

When we talk about video games, we often think of large productions, since they are the ones that receive the most publicity, whose price is around 50 to 70 euros. However, play is not expensive, since there is a large number of titles on the market that will allow us to enjoy our hobby for much less money than we imagine. Thus, for example, we will be able to find a good variety of games on the Internet that we can buy and add to our Steam library, even for less than one euro.

At launch, all games tend to be expensive, from the big productions to the most independent games. However, as time goes by, the games go down in price, which allows us, if we have been patient, to get hold of the title for less than half the starting price in stores like Eneba, Fanatical or GOG. And the more time passes since the launch, the cheaper we can buy the game in these stores.

For this reason, today we are going to leave you 10 great recommendations for games that we are going to be able to buy for less than one euro. All the keys, yes, are legal and original, so we will not have any problem using them.

  • Crystals. RPG-type independent game that allows us to explore the past, make decisions and see how those decisions affect the future.
  • Call of the Sea. Adventure game that tells a supernatural story of love and mystery set in the South Pacific in the 1930s.
  • fallout. The first game in the mythical post-apocalyptic role-playing saga. A bit hard wearing in these modern times, but a mainstay for a multitude of modern games.
  • V-Rally 4. Rally racing and extreme driving video games, relatively modern, that allows us to feel the adrenaline of the race.
  • Sacred 3. The third installment of the mythical role-playing saga. It marked a shift towards a Hack ‘n’ Slash model that fans of the series did not like, but it did attract new players.
  • oddworld. Mythical platform game developed in a fictional universe. Also, for less than one euro, we have the second installment.
  • worms. Worm turn-based strategy. The first in the saga that, although it hasn’t aged very well, can still offer us dozens of hours of entertainment.
  • Leisure Suit Larry. All the Larry Laffer installments in which we have to help this forty-something man find love in a series of spicy scenes.
  • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Beautiful cooperative story of two brothers in which we will have to solve a series of puzzles to unravel the story.
  • Commandos. For one euro, the four games, developed in Spain, of this military strategy saga inspired by the Second World War.

Buy in Eneba without commission

It is possible that we have noticed, when adding the games to Eneba’s basket and going to pay, that the store charges us a commission for management expenses when we choose, for example, PayPal or credit card. These expenses, although they are not very high, do raise the price of the game in question. But we can avoid them very easily.

What we should do is, instead of using PayPal or the card every time we go to pay at the store, recharge the Eneba wallet. In this way we will only pay the commission once, and we will be able to buy everything we want, without additional expenses, using that balance.

Balance Eneba

Other stores, such as Fanatical or GOG, do not charge commissions.

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