10 movie characters that came to Fortnite skins

The first characters we want to talk to you about Ellen Ripley and the Alien from the movie, forgive the redundancy, Alien: The Eighth Passenger.

Without a doubt, embodying the character of this movie played by Sigourney Weaver or the Xenomorph himself was incredible. Both arrived at the store on February 26 of this same 2021, which belonged to Season 5 of the Battle pass of Fortnite Chapter 2.

John Wick (John wick)

With the arrival of the third film in its saga that bore the name of Parabellum, Fortnite took the opportunity to make a new crossover with a skin of John wick.

Thanks to this avatar, we were able to step into the shoes of Keanu Reeves to finish off anyone who stood in front of us. We could even use some of the weapons that he used in his movies and, on the map, his safe house full of weapons appeared.

Mike Lowrey (Bad boys)

Would you ever have wanted to be Will Smith? And a machado police officer? Well, thanks to the skin of the character of Mike lowrey in Fortnite you could get it.

With the arrival of the last installment of the film of Bad boys, the developers of this game took the opportunity to introduce the character played by Will as a very stylish policeman. This skin was available in the game’s own store and included the Detective’s Back Bling Bundle. In addition, players could use double-wielding pickaxes with it.


As you will be realizing, the anniversaries of the great figures of the cinema are an ideal time for them to take a walk through the battlefield of Fortnite. And so he did Batman on his 80th birthday.

Along with the bat man came one of his enemies: Catwoman with your own skin. Among his weapons we could use several of his character’s own tools, such as bat-shaped shurikens.

Pennywise (ITEM)

If you like scary movies, a character like Pennywise, known from the movie ITEM, it should sound like you. This also came after the premiere of his latest film, surrounded by dances, challenges and the mythical red balloon of the clown.

Jane McClane, a different skin (The jungle of crystal)

One of the first movie character skins that came to Fortnite was Jane mccane. This was John McClane’s female version of the saga The jungle of crystal.

As much as it was a female character and not himself, it was clearly inspired by this cop. Details such as the clothes, the holsters or the badge itself hanging from the neck, or the clear name, denoted it. This skin arrived in December 2019 with Chapter 2 of Season 1 of Fortnite.

Dune skin, the latest Fortnite crossover

The last great crossover that Fortnite has decided to implement to its game has been these skins of Dune.

The skins of Paul Atreides and Chani, played by Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya in the film, were released just hours ago. Therefore, if you want to embody these characters, you are still on time through the game’s own store. In addition, they arrive accompanied by more equipment from the film itself such as: Hang Gliding Ornithopter, Twin Blade Pico, Pico Riding Hooks and a couple of backpack accessories.

These are some of the best popular movie character skins that have made their way into Fortnite. Do you miss any?

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