10 nuggets to seize in preview this Tuesday morning

After Black Friday, it’s time for the winter sales with their myriad of good deals. Before the official start, several merchants have already cut prices with good deals. We’ve made the list for you below for this Tuesday.

In France, winter sales follow a very precise timetable which is dictated by the French government. This year, the operation will run from January 12 to February 8, 2022. As with each edition, we will find the giants Amazon, AliExpress, Cdiscount, Fnac or Boulanger with very good offers.

Small subtlety of winter sales: merchants have the right to sell part of their stock at a loss. In other words, they sell below the purchase price. It is for this reason that we see during the sales the best percentages of reduction. When online merchants sometimes display -80% on certain products, it is a reality.

This loss-making sale is comparable to a large-scale destocking of all types of brands. If certain products are stamped as “on sale”, there are also “good deals” which must not be legally associated with sales. In reality, customers see just an opportunity to save money on thousands of products.

The sales, a great opportunity

While the winter sales officially start tomorrow morning, some merchants have already taken the opportunity to announce good deals. They are riding on the enthusiasm for sales to offer low prices on very beautiful brands. Apple, Samsung or Xiaomi in tech are some of the references that benefit from a large discount.

On the internet as in physical stores, winter sales target all categories. On Amazon, for example, discounts range from video games to high-tech, household appliances, culture and even DIY. Anyone can find deals on their favorite products throughout the month of January.

As you can imagine, first come will also be first served. The winter sales are intended to empty warehouses to start a new season for online merchants. Once the stock of a product is depleted, it is likely that it will no longer be restocked. We therefore advise you to be alert during the first days of the operation.

For a long time, the sales were monopolized by French merchants like Boulanger, Cdiscount and Fnac. In recent years, foreign players like AliExpress and Amazon have also been involved. They cut prices to attract an ever-growing clientele. Clearly, tens of thousands of references are at attractive prices. We can only recommend it to you.

To discover the offers on Amazon, it’s here:

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The best offers for this Tuesday

Even though the winter sales are starting in a few hours, there are already great savings to be made at some merchants. We have made a selection for you below.

The first offer that particularly convinces us is the AirPods 2 which are displayed at 109 euros at AliExpress. As a reminder, they are found everywhere else around the 179 euros for these wireless headphones from Apple. They offer 24 hours of battery life, good quality sound (without noise reduction) as well as real comfort in the ear. You will need to use the code FRWS20 to get the maximum discount.

Also at AliExpress and before these winter sales, there is already a good plan on the last cordless vacuum cleaner and broom from Roborock. This is the Dyad which is both a mop and a vacuum cleaner. From a value for money point of view, it is exceptional when you know that it is displayed at 349 euros instead of 449 euros with the special code FRWS30.

The last offer that will sublimate the winter sales, even if it is a good classic plan, is the one on the Samsung Galaxy A52s. This mid-range smartphone that came out a few months ago has taken a dizzying price drop that should make you crack. It is found at 295 euros instead of 449 euros, or more than 150 euros in savings. You must use the code FRWS40 for this. Clearly, we do not understand this huge drop in price but that’s good.

How to take advantage of the winter sales 2022?

With the new wave of contaminations, it is clear that the French will not go to stores as many for the winter sales. It will therefore be necessary to hurry on the internet to grab the best offers. They will not last long: some may even disappear in a few minutes. Often times, on sites like Amazon, it happens.

When you buy something during sales, Amazon and its counterparts then allow you to return it. French law requires all online merchants to offer at least 20 days to return the product and obtain a refund. Amazon goes even further by offering 30 days. On the AliExpress site, you can easily get up to 20 days to return the product free of charge.

In the end, even if you buy a little too much in a rush, you can return your purchases without risk. The more the markdowns advance, the less the product stock will be. Worse, the best products will no longer be available. It is therefore necessary to handle from the first days of the winter sales to save money. For this Tuesday preceding the operation, there are already great reductions to be taken.

To find the best deals on Amazon, it’s here:

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