10 PS VR Games You Must Try Before PS VR 2 Releases

10 wonders that you should try now

PlayStation VR arrived in October 2016 and really meant a change in the way of enjoying video games on consoles because, as you surely know, everything that has to do with virtual reality had been the preserve of PCs and computers. until that moment. That changed, and Sony seems to have been clear about it ever since, carrying out a firm commitment that is renewed in just a few days with the release of PS VR 2.

As it is, here you have ten games from the first generation of PS VR that you must play yes or yes before making the leap to the new model. Do you know them?


What to say about this marvel that laid the foundations for the subsequent arrival of the character as a free game within PS5. An incredible experience with three-dimensional environments and above all a really amazing gameplay.

moss 1 and 2

These games, to which the trailers don’t do them justice, are a delicate marvel where the VR effect is tremendouswith scenarios that look like models and through which we must guide and guarantee the safety of our protagonist.

Until Down Rush of Blood

If you are capable of enduring the terror that such an experience produces, you will already be able to handle everything in this life. an absorbing game and that it will mark you for sure.

Resident Evil VII

The possibility of playing the entire Capcom title in VR is an amazing extra that you must try. It is very scary, obviously, but it is worth it for the intensity of the experience and the immersion it produces.

Star Wars Squadron

What to say about the game convinces you that you are piloting starfighters of the galaxy wars throughout the universe. A great game that you should not stop trying no matter how much PS VR 2 comes out.

WipEout Omega Collection

The PlayStation classic takes a spectacular leap in realism in this version for PS VR. The races are already completely amazing and, best of all, is that they barely make you dizzy. Quite an achievement.

Ace Combat 7

What to say about the Namco franchise that in its latest installment it adds a whole VR mode which is unbelievably real. With this game you will be able to experience dogfights like you have never seen them before, moving your head inside the cockpit in all directions.

Rez Infinite

The SEGA classic becomes more immersive and graphics become huge… while you continue to create the musical base of the story from the enemies that you are taking down. A marvel.


Other extraordinary arcade, really nice and with a development that in VR wins even more. Without a doubt, one of the best PS VR releases that you can spend time on these days.

Tetris effect

What to say about the classic among the classics. when you try this Tetris Effectt, you will be experimenting with an incredibly spectacular version, of gigantic graphics and an immersion that you had never experienced in one of the releases of the franchise.

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