10 templates to plan your work and day to day with Excel

Excel, like Word, PowerPoint and Access in their respective fields, are, in their own right, the best applications for create any type of document. In addition, they include a large number of templates to be able to create a document using a pre-existing format, an ideal function for users who do not have extensive knowledge of these applications or who have very little taste for design.

In addition to the default templates that we can find in all the applications that are part of Office, Microsoft also makes available to us a wide variety of additional templates via the web, templates that we can download for free, although some are only available within the Office subscription, regardless of whether it is a personal, family or business version. Next, we show you 10 Excel templates to organize our work and avoid wasting time managing data in a much less productive way.

  • Monthly personal budget. It is a complete template where we can organize, on the one hand, the income that we are going to have in a month and on the other, all the expenses in which the income will go, showing at all times, if the final balance will be positive or negative.
  • Weekly task list. Thanks to this template, organizing the work of all the members of a work team will be much easier than using applications like Trello or Slack.
  • Control of fuel consumption. With so many changes in the price of fuel, if we usually use the vehicle as a work tool, thanks to this template we can know the average consumption and the expense that we invest in our trips along with time.
  • Inventory control. The number of templates that Microsoft makes available to us is very wide and varied. Microsoft offers us a large number of templates to be able to manage the inventory of the products that we have for sale, in our warehouses and others, in the most efficient way possible.
  • Bills. As with inventories, there is no single invoice model that can meet all needs. In this section, we can find templates for all kinds of invoices, invoices where all we have to do is add our logo and company data to start billing.

  • Budgets. But, before invoicing, we have to present a budget and with this Excel template it will be a breeze, a very simple model that we can use both to offer our services by hours, materials, products and others.
  • Receipts. When they give us money on account, we can also use Excel to generate the corresponding receipt to know at all times the money that we have received on account as an advance, for materials and the amount that represents the final payment.
  • Price list. Another very useful template when it comes to organizing and offering our services to avoid wasting time with generic questions, we find it in this template where we can offer a complete list with the prices of all the services we offer.
  • Records of all kinds. The best way to manage expenses and income in a company is through records. In this section, we have at our disposal records of all kinds to know at all times, both the time we spend on a day-to-day basis, as well as the kilometers, number of employees, job applications received or delivered, and much more.
  • Control the time spent. This template allows us to know at all times the time we spend on each of the projects we embark on in order to know the amount that we are going to have to invoice.

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