10 traditional brands that have not hesitated to reach the metaverse

Brands embrace the metaverse

But as in every revolution that seems to be, It doesn’t have much travel if nobody pays attention, and for things to go forward it is essential that the economic engines be directed towards that light that the metaverse now emits white and pure. And how could it be otherwise, there are some names, that you will all know, that in recent times have begun to move to be present in that parallel reality to which they want to lead us from Meta. And it is clear that no one wants to be left out.

As we tell you, this has led to traditional companies, of all life, have begun to show what their presence will be like within the metaverse, and that is what we are going to do, review some of the ones that you can already find when you decide to visit those new digital places where NFT, cryptocurrencies and who knows how many other gadgets are proliferating day by day. Let’s see them.


The sportswear brand made the leap at the end of last year with his bet called Nikelandwhich is nothing more than its own world developed from the video game Robloxwhere it has occupied an area where it is possible to acquire some of the company’s models to use them with our avatars, or learn about the latest brand trends.

Louis Vuitton

The luxury brand also has its own stake in the metaverse thanks to a game that reproduces the journey of its founder when he left home on foot at the age of 14. That journey ended in Paris, where he launched a business that goes without saying the billions that moves every year.

Gucci Garden

In the case of the Italian brand, recently famous for the film directed by Ridley Scott, has an area inside Roblox where it is possible to access rooms of exhibition of products and, also, aesthetic treatments for our avatars (yes, yes, you have read correctly). As you can imagine, the prices of these items are not cheap at all and, on top of that, they are sold for a limited time, so some users lose their minds when it comes to spending without measure.

Coca Cola

In the case of the beverage brand, its commitment to the metaverse is not focused so much on the sale of products as on deliver experiences harnessing the power of technology. This is the case of filters to use in social networks, immersive sessions with ASMR audio and even connections between the real world and the virtual one through the barcodes of their products, with which we can imagine new flavors and combinations for their drinks. .


Nissan in the metaverse.

In the case of the Japanese brand, its objective is simple: to allow users all the graphic power of the latest technology to show off your cars with virtually no need to go to the dealership to see them. Thanks to the metaverse and some virtual reality glasses, we can see what the vehicle is like down to the smallest detail and if we like it… well, then we can finish the purchase in the real world.


As in the case of Nissan, Toyota’s presence is also focused on having a branch more in an ecosystem that everyone is betting will grow exponentially in the coming years. So nothing better than having your vehicle portfolio easily accessible to everyone who travels to the metaverse.


The Hyundai case has more to do with their own game that they have developed within Roblox and in which we can not only see the latest news from the brand, but also access small tests and challenges that obviously include driving the Korean cars.

Amnesia Ibiza

If there is something that can be experienced in the metaverse, it is a good party, and nothing like having gambling dens to go to when we meet with friends in that digital world. Amnesia Ibiza, for this reason, has already laid the first stone of what it hopes will be a new emporium within the network. Specifically in the Decentral Games metaverse. In addition to having a few drinks or talking and listening to music, there will be NFTs for anyone who wants to spend their salary on pixel art.


Sotheby's in the metaverse.

what to say about the quintessential auction house in the real world. Don’t you think it makes sense that there is a company like this to trade with those NFTs that are acquiring exorbitant prices? Well, remember that you already have a branch in the metaverse.


The Spanish clothing brand opened a showroom a few months ago and there it is, waiting for the aisles to fill of that shopping center that Mark Zuckerberg has warned will exist. If you want to see the latest in the different lines of the company, nothing better than going to meet them in the metaverse.

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