10 unknown games that are true works of art

Next, we show you 10 titles unknown to many users that offer us a large number of hours of entertainment and that little or they have nothing to send to more well-known titles and from large studios and with a gameplay that other games would already like.


The story in Claybook takes place in a world of clay, a material that we must shape to solve the problems we face in the different chapters that are part of this game that can be played by up to 4 players on a split screen. This title is available on Eneba from here.

Lethal League Blaze

In Lethal League Blaze our objective is similar to that of the dodgeball: hit the enemy with a ball through different types of attacks and its speed increases to make the task even more complicated. We can buy this game from here.

moving out

If we like cooperative games based on realistic physics, the game we are looking for is Moving Out, a title where we put ourselves in the shoes of a moving technician and where we have to safely move a large number of objects without getting into each other. break us along the way. This fun title is available at Eneba.

Dad Quest

In the Dad Quest game, we must show our son that we are the coolest father in the world by passing a series of tests that will put our skills to the test together with our offspring. It is a very entertaining 2D platform title that we can buy at Eneba through this link.

60 parsecs!

In this title, we have 60 seconds before the special station we are in explodes to pick up objects or people that we want to take on our next space adventure leading other people who have had the same time as us, so we will have to to do everything possible to continue our journey with what we have on. Buy 60 parsecs! in Eneba.

coffee talk

If we like conversational games like the graphic adventures of the 90s, we should give Coffee Talk a try, a game where we have to prepare a drink for our customers and start conserving with them based on the options it offers us. This title is available at Eneba through the following link.

Double Kick Heroes

Double Kick Heroes is a game that will remind us of the classic arcade game Cadillacs and Dinosaurs where we put ourselves in the shoes of a singer from a Heavy Metal band and where our objective is to save the world through 30 levels killing as many people as possible of possible zombies without dying in the attempt. We can buy this title through Eneba.


If we liked the idea of ​​the Jurassic Park movies and we would like to build our own amusement park with dinosaurs, the game we are looking for is Parkasaurus, a game where we must demonstrate our management skills so that the park is as profitable as possible while maintaining safety of visitors at all times. Buy Parkasaurus at Eneba.


In Visage we go inside a mansion where a large number of murders have been committed and where our objective is to find out the story behind it, linking our destiny to the people who have died. Buy Visage in Eneba.


In Spiritfarer we put ourselves in the shoes of Stella, captain of the ship that, before her death, was managed by Spiritfarer. In this title we must make friends with the spirits during their previous journey to the afterlife, while we travel through seas of all kinds where we have to fish and cook to survive. It is a cooperative game for two people that will give us a lot to think about. This title is available at Eneba.

What do you think of these titles?

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