10 WTF moments from Matrix Resurrections

No, seriously. This has to be I have downloaded the torrent that is not, I say … that I have entered the wrong room of the cinema. Are you telling me that Thomas Anderson works in a video game production company that programs the Matrix video games?

3. Morpheus in the bathroom

In the original film, Morpheus mysteriously entered the plot. Let’s say that the character of Laurence Fishburne gradually carved out his appearance in the life of the chosen one based on MS-DOS lines and then communicating with the voice.

But this time, if he manages to offer Anderson the red pill, the same thing – seeing the previous scene of the protagonist in the toilet – he catches it and puts it in as a suppository. By the way, now that we remember Anderson in full squeeze in the bathroomHopefully Reeves is not a method actor.

4. The screenings of the original films

«Hello, classmates of 3rd A. My presentation is about the film The Matrix, released in 1999 by the Wachowski brothers… ».

If ya put flashbacks from other movies is a real crap, put original film screenings as if it were a class work, it leaves you even more out of place. Horrifying.

5. Is Neo going BALD?

neo original look

Dying and resurrecting is great, and surely more than one signed. But that under that fur there is a bald old man it was something we couldn’t believe even if they rubbed it at us several times in the trailer.

6. Morpheus will no longer return

morpheus aspect

We do not know if all the promises he made were true or not, but the truth is that the friend died. What we see outside of the Matrix is ​​a new way of existence in which many humans have become thinking machines and they have the ability to speak, feel, and manipulate objects. The downside is that they are metal-like and look like they were made with the Geomag set. This benefits Samuel L. Jackson, as they will finally stop mistaking him for Fishburne. In any case, do not comment on any of this to Dalas Review, is not going to be that he puts his bitcoins to the Wachowskis and instead of making an immortality machine, they make a fifth installment of the Matrix.

7. Encounters and final fight in the Simulatte

Apparently there was no better place to meet and have a good time than the neighborhood Starbucks. Although it does not get over the moment of Tiffany’s child telling Anderson that if he wants to fuck his mother. Just with that phrase, the two who lived inside a simulation should have realized by now.

8. Momentazo Monstruos SA

But these two weren’t dead? Why do you revive them? Well because according to the Analyst, generate more energy with her unresolved sexual tension. He needs Neo and Trinity together, yes, but he personally takes care of keep them far enough apart Still, it’s a shame that it was Jude, and not the Analyst himself, who did the “Do you know Ted?” Technique to Neo.

9. Trinity is now the chosen one too

Having a gender change of the directors of the original trilogy, the truth is that we expected this turn quite a bit. That yes, thank goodness Neo didn’t end up throwing himself overboard at the company dinner, because it would have ended very badly.


In the originals, the Wachowskis already hit the nail on the head with the use of cats. Who has not made the joke of seeing a black cat and wondering if it is the same one you have seen before or if it is a glitch in matrix?

Just for the times the poor man comes out Deja vu, this new installment could have been called Catrix directly. But in case you haven’t seen enough cats, here’s their post credits scene with the pussy of cats.

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