10 years without Steve Jobs and 10 legacies he left us with Apple

This week marked a decade since the legendary Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple and CEO for the longest time, left us after failing to overcome a long illness. That October 5, 2011, one of the architects of the apple company being where it is today died and in this article we review its 10 most important legacies.

Products from the early days of Jobs at Apple

  • Apple I: It is well known that the great architect of Apple’s first computer was another Steve. Wozniak designed this computer without pretense, almost in secret. However, it was Jobs who saw the business idea in him. And surely without this, Apple would not exist. Or at least this Apple.

apple i

  • Apple Lisa: Although at the sales level it was a real failure, probably due to its high price, it left a graphic style that would be carried by the following computers from both Apple and the competition. In addition to being one of the pioneers in allowing the use of a mouse to operate it.

Apple Lisa Steve Jobs

  • Macintosh: Although the excess budget spent on both this and the aforementioned ‘Lisa’ ended with Jobs fired from his own company, this computer left a good legacy for the future. It was the one that completely extended a graphical interface easily manageable by the user. He also left an ad titled “1984” considered one of the best in history.

The most recent in our memory

  • iPod: Condemned to disappear in our day, the original music player introduced by Jobs in 2001 will go down in history as having completely revolutionized the music industry. Thanks to this, the digital music format began to be more and more popular until it reached what we have today with streaming music platforms.

Steve Jobs iPod presentation

  • iPhone: Smartphones and touch-enabled phones already existed in 2007, but none quite like the iPhone. Without keyboards, with high precision in every touch, incorporating a mobile computer system that according to the experts was 5 years ahead of the competition.

Original iPhone - iPhone 2G

  • iPad: It is true that nowadays they have taken a very different path, bringing their user experience closer and closer to that of a computer. However, its original launch in 2010 allowed it to break through to the tablet market and, despite having less impact than the iPhone, it was also highly valued.

Steve Jobs and the iPad

Other legacies that he left us

  • Pixar: The popular animation production company, now owned by Disney, was promoted by Jobs. The company was born with a totally different purpose from what it ended up being and with the help of Jobs they managed to focus on the creation of computer-made films, achieving great results since the great premiere of Toy Story in 1995.

  • Characteristic designs: Apple has inspired a multitude of brands throughout history to create minimalist and simple designs that do not lose functionality or ergonomics. Jobs, together with the former Apple designer, Jonny Ive, was also an architect of this.

iMac G3

  • Announcements and Presentations: For the memory are the now mythical Steve Jobs keynote loaded with humor and showing the world the products as they are going to use them. He put aside the formality and coldness of the introductions. Even commercially in television spots, it forced the competition to also have to move in this regard.

  • Entrepreneur example: To conclude, Jobs’ example was valued by Fortune magazine a few months after his death by naming him the best entrepreneur in modern history. Wanting to follow in his footsteps is not something that can be easily achieved, but having his example and story still serves as motivation for an entire generation.

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