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When we play on the computer, we always seek to achieve 100%, to be able to get the best out of the PC and make the most of its hardware. However, although Microsoft tries to sell Windows as a good system for gamers, in reality there are many things that leave much to be desired. And, therefore, if we are not careful, it is possible that our game becomes a nightmare in terms of performance and problems. To avoid this, it is necessary to pay a little attention when going to play. And this is what I do.

With a few simple tips we will be able to get the most out of our computer when we are going to play. For this reason, I leave you with my own recommendations that, although they don’t take more than a couple of minutes, allow you to greatly improve the stability of the PC when playing and achieve the best possible performance.

Of course, we assume that we have updated Windows and that all the drivers are up to date, especially the one for the graphics card.

Show game FPS

One of the ways we have to see if the game is going well or badly is through the FPS. If these are high, and remain stable, we will have fluidity when playing, and much less problems than if they are unstable and, by going too low, we can experience problems such as stuttering.

To control the FPS of our game we have several tools. But we usually use two. The first one is Steam FPS viewera function that is included, although disabled by default, in the game client and that allows us to control the refresh rate of the game, and the Windows GameBarwhich offers us, in addition to an FPS viewer, the status of the RAM, CPU and graphics.

control the temperature

Another reason why games can give us problems is because, being very demanding, our computer may heat up more than normal. This is usually caused by poor cooling of the components, dirt, or because it is necessary to change the thermal paste.

CP temperature

If we see that we have problems, we must control the temperature of all the components. And, if this is too high, remedy it as soon as possible. To do so, a good and very complete program is AIDA64.

Disable Windows Kernel Isolation

Windows 11 comes with a major security enhancement called “Kernel Isolation.” Thanks to it we can prevent hackers from executing malicious code in the system kernel, something that is possible thanks to the virtualization of Hyper-V. But even Microsoft has confirmed that this feature has many performance issues, especially with games.

Windows Defender Isolation Core 2

For this reason, we usually deactivate it when we are going to use the computer to play, activating it again when we are going to work with the computer or we do not plan to play. This is the most annoying recommendation of all, but only it guarantees that we will not have problems when playing, and that we will not fall prey to hackers.

Otherwise, we must choose: do we prefer performance, sacrificing security, or security in exchange for performance?

Reboot PC

This trick is especially useful if, before playing, we have been doing other things on the PC. It doesn’t matter if we’ve been working, or if we’ve just been surfing the Internet. There are always processes in the background that consume resources and make the PC run smoothly.

If we are in a hurry to play a quick game, instead of restarting we can manually close all the programs that are open in the background. It is the “quick option” that will help us to have better performance, although not as much as if we restart the PC completely to finish everything.

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