1080p cameras will reach all Macs

The front cameras with 1080p resolution they will be a reality on next-generation MacBook Pros according to the latest rumors. It seems incredible that this is news, but the Cupertino company accustomed us precisely to publishing this type of component as really relevant news …

In the case of Apple laptops, the company continues to add cameras with 720 HD resolution in all its models (even the M1) and this really seems like a delay. In the case of The new 24-inch iMac for example and the current 27-inch iMac we are talking about front cameras with 1080 HD resolution.

In a recent tweet, Dylan (@dylandkt) argued the arrival of 1080p resolution for the next generation MacBook Pros:

Of course, the cables in the cameras of these Macs should be accompanied by the arrival of Face ID, a technology that many Mac users would be delighted to be able to enjoy on their computers, but it seems that Apple at the moment is not about to implement in them. We will see what happens with the cameras of the following teams. Remember that this is still rumors there is nothing official expressly said by the Cupertino company itself.

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