11 reasons Apple gives us to use the Mac in business

Apple shows a new site on the company’s official website in which it explains some reasons why they think you have to use a Mac in your business and work. Logically this is advertising and although it is true that what they say is all true, everyone can choose whether to launch on Macs with the macOS operating system or stay with other PCs and logically on Windows, etc. for work.

At the moment what we want to show is the new Apple web section in which a series of 11 reasons offered by Apple are shown for you to switch to the Mac in your company. Some of them are curious, such as that of «Work like this is less work« but in general they can be useful.

The 11 reasons Apple offers to switch to Mac

With the motto «

In almost every one of Apple’s reasons a link with an extension of the information is added. This is good to see the details or reasons why Apple tells us to switch to Mac, but of course some of these reasons might not be needed in all cases. Ultimately the important thing is that Apple brings out all its weapons with Macs to enter the market more and now that they have a really adjusted price, added to the power, software, autonomy and quality of manufacturing materials, we can say that the next few years of Macs will be really good for both customers and the company itself.

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