12 years old and already a multimillionaire thanks to NFTs

The world of NFT is booming, and some people are able to take advantage of this new technology to enrich themselves.

All children do not grow at the same speed, and some prodigies do things that are barely believable for adults. So at barely 12 years old, Nyla Hayes has already made more money than many adults will ever earn. This young prodigy has indeed managed to earn millions of dollars thanks to NFTs. According to the very serious Time Magazine, this is one of the most promising artists to follow very closely for the future.

Indeed, the young Nyla has recently been talked about by collecting no less than $ 5.7 million thanks to the NFT network that she has created. It is indeed at the origin of the famous Long Neckies. In an interview with Tom’s Guide magazine, she explains that it was her grandmother who transmitted her passion for drawing to her. A passion for the less profitable in view of the exploits of the last days of young Nyla.

Committed NFTs

According to the interview, she created NFTs after her uncle told her about it, in order to protect her works and make them inviolable thanks to this new system using blockchain technology.

Since then she has created many works which should allow “young girls to feel strong”. The purpose of these NFTs is to put people at ease with their bodies and open their minds to diversity.

Technology that pays big

While the NFT knows a real popular explosion during this year 2021, even becoming the word of the year according to the very famous and serious English dictionary “Collins”. While these non-fungible tokens are all the rage on the web, everyone is looking to have one, regardless of the price.

And the sums spent then quickly become quite crazy. As for the “producers”, almost everyone seems capable of creating a work, on which they can deposit a certificate of authenticity, ensuring their unique side, in a digital world where everything is duplicable. Because yes, the work can very well be copied. Defenders of the NFT sometimes make the analogy with the world of classical art. Indeed, printing the Mona Lisa at home does not make us the owner of the work, with the NFT it is the same.

NFTs are the future, but maybe not in this form

While some people, like the founder of Epic Games, see this new technology as a new digital “scam”, other people think instead that NFTs are the future, and that the possibilities around them are still there. immense. While the internet world was going all over the place at the end of the 90s, the explosion of the internet bubble made it possible to sort through the thousands of existing website projects to keep only the best, forge l internet as we know it.

For NFTs, many analysts believe that the phenomenon will repeat itself. Today we are only the trader of a technology that could be revolutionary. Today almost everyone creates NFTs for all or nothing, and this “bubble” will surely explode in the coming years, to sort through the various projects. In the meantime, people like Nyla Hayes have already taken advantage of this “fad”, as some like to call it.

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