125 games on your PC or console with one HDD? Yes, and at an all-time low price!

The total gamer is one who uses all platforms to develop their potential and have fun with all kinds of games. But this implies that the space required to store them must be very large and buying an HDD or SSD is a huge and disproportionate headache if we look at devices with a capacity greater than 2 TB. For this reason, WD has provided its new WD_BLACK P10 range with more capacity, speed and above all portability, so that the aforementioned is not a problem.

Don’t settle for less, don’t overspend, the solution?


Well, very simple, buy a portable hard drive that gives us the advantages of all platforms in one, without having to spend a fortune on HDD and SSD, being able to take it anywhere and with great speed, but above all and more importantly, a large capacity.

And we are talking specifically about WD_BLACK P10, very famous among gamers, where its portable and highly resistant format is drawing great criticism (in a good way) towards the company to the point that other competitors have had to react.

Why are you wondering? Well, when with a single HDD you can download and play your favorite games on your PC or console, regardless of anything else and without taking up space in the storage of both … Well, you achieve a key advantage in the industry. The brand ensures that we can save up to 125 games (other than COD: WarZone / Modern Warfare, obviously) since its capacity is no less than five Terabytes! 5 TB!

WD_BLACK P10 – No bottlenecks and no games to delete from your library


This WD_BLACK is made up of an HDD that is normally signed by HGST (formerly Hitachi, now owned by WD) where the company has managed to deliver sustained performance of nothing less than 140 MB / s in reading and writing.

For this it makes use of an interface USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type A which guarantees compatibility with any existing PC and with consoles. On the other hand, in the part of the HDD itself the connector is Micro B and not USB-C as you might think.

The compatibility is therefore maximum and WD certifies it as follows:

  • Windows 10, 8.1
  • macOS 10.11 or later.
  • PlayStation 5 (plays PS4 games and stores PS5 games).
  • Xbox Series X | S (plays Xbox One games and stores Xbox Series X | S games)
  • PlayStation 4 Pro or PS4 with version 4.50 or later of the system software.
  • Xbox One.

If this is already impressive in itself, your measurements already give the final touch with 118mm x 88mm x 20.8mmWhat more can we ask for? Well, a price that defeats everything seen and perhaps everything that is to come, because currently this HDD WD_BLACK P10 5 TB is at an all-time low price, to the point that not even the offer trackers and specialized websites have cited such a drop (at least at the time of writing the article)

It goes from 140.49 euros to 98.40 euros, a fall from 30%. It’s in stock for the moment, let’s see how long it takes to “fly”!

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