12th Gen Intel Core CPUs, why are they the best for gaming?

Thus, with these new desktop processors Intel Alder Lake-Syou will be able to play and multitask without limitations thanks to the new hybrid architecture optimized performance, which not only includes all the latest improvements for games, but also integrates all the new technologies.

Hybrid architecture: Performance Cores and Efficient Cores

One of the biggest advances that Intel has made in this 12th generation of Intel Core processors is the integration of a hybrid architecture, the first in the world in the desktop segment. That Intel has made use of a hybrid architecture (also called heterogeneous) means that each processor incorporates two different types of cores or Cores:

  • The Performance Cores o P-Cores are large and powerful cores that offer maximum performance when the PC needs it. These cores also have technology hyper-threadingwhich means that each core is capable of performing two tasks or process threads in parallel.
  • The Efficient Cores o E-Cores are cores of a smaller size, which allows them to incorporate a greater physical quantity. These are cores that, as the name suggests, are much more efficient and with lower consumption, designed to perform light tasks to lighten the thermal load and consumption of the processor.

In addition to this, Intel was aware that cache memory is now more important than ever to achieve the best performance in games, and therefore all the new generation of processors have seen their amount of memory L2 and L3 cache increased, thus offering a level of performance never seen before.

Intel Thread Director

Having two types of cores inside the processor, how to know which one has to work at all times and for what? To do this, Intel has developed Intel Thread Director technology, a system capable of measuring the needs of each process that we run on the PC in real time in order to assign the necessary resources to obtain the best performance.

Under Windows 11, the 12th generation Intel Core processors are capable of indicating to the operating system in which of its cores it is better to execute each of the processes, always obtaining the best performance and, above all, the maximum energy efficiency, but making sure that background tasks will never negatively affect your games.

The Intel Core 12 bring the latest technologies for gaming

Having a state-of-the-art processor implies numerous technical improvements, but in the case of the Intel Core 12 it also implies the integration of all the latest gaming technologies.

Thus, only with the new Intel Alder Lake-S processors will you be able to obtain the maximum potential that a desktop PC can give you for gaming, thanks to the new interface PCI-Express 5.0 which is compatible with the new generations of graphics cards but also with the fastest SSD storage devices on the market, as well as of course with the new generation of DDR5 RAM which guarantees the best performance both in games and at all other levels.

But the thing does not stop there; As we told you before, Intel has designed this generation of processors always with gaming in mind, and to obtain the best performance in games, not only is the raw performance of the hardware important, but also communications and connections. For this reason, the 12th generation Intel Core processors also incorporate wireless technology. WiFi 6Eas well as connectivity 2.5GbE to increase bandwidth and reduce latency when playing online.

Graphics architecture enhancements: Intel Xe

Not everyone can or wants to invest in a dedicated graphics card, especially when with the iGPU integrated in the processor they can have more than enough for what they need. For this reason, Intel has also invested a lot of effort in improving the integrated graphics in its Intel Core 12 CPUs, with the aim that users can enjoy high-resolution gaming even without having to buy a dedicated graphics card.

The Intel Core 12, a safe bet for gaming

As we have been telling you throughout this article, there is no doubt that today the 12th generation Intel Core processors are a safe bet if what you want is to build a desktop PC oriented above all to gaming, since Intel is the only company that offers processors that are actually optimized for it.

However, thanks to the hybrid architecture that they have developed in this 12th generation, these processors are not only excellent for obtaining the best performance in games, but in general in any type of task that you need to perform in your day to day.

Finally, we have to inform you that Intel has prepared a very interesting contest, in which in order to participate you simply have to access the following website: before March 30 and register. Among the participants, 70 winners will be chosen to win a Special Edition sweatshirt (which will not be sold anywhere and can only be obtained through this contest) along with other gifts, such as a poster or some pretty cool socks. Winners will be contacted from April 1.

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