14-year-old boy suffers severe burns for doing dangerous “Squid Game” TikTok challenge

The Squid Game“Became the most watched series in the history of NetflixHowever, it has caused great controversy due to the risk run by those who have tried to recreate some of the challenges, such as a 14 year old boy who was hospitalized for severe Burns.

In various countries it has been made known by some fans of Netflix who have tried to recreate the dangerous games of the series, besides that this Halloween the costume was one of the most popular with both children and adults.

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In Australia, Aiden Higgie 14-year-old tried to perform a challenge of the “Squid Game” that he saw in TikTok when preparing the cookies that appear in the series, those that have the figure of an umbrella, a triangle, a circle or a star and which have to be trimmed without break.

To prepare them, he used water, sugar and baking soda that he mixed in a cup that was not designed to be used in microwave, This caused that when removed it exploded in the minor’s hand, reported The Daily Mail.

Hospital warns of challenges

The mother told The Daily Telegraph that the contents of the cup, which was burning, fell down the boy’s leg burning your skin from his knee to his shin. The minor suffered first degree burns to his hands and leg injuries which include nerve damage, Europa Press added.

Doctors warned about the risks of the challenge of “Squid Game “, since Aiden Higgie is not the first child to enter the hospital for this challenge and it is that two other minors had already been in this place.

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“The caramel mix is ​​sticky and hot. If the mixture is spilled or handled while it is still hot, the prolonged contact time causes deep and severe burns”Said Dr. Erik La Hei, head of the hospital’s burn unit.

Meanwhile, the minor who suffered Burns “You will need to wear a pressure band for a year and may need a skin graft”They reported.


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