1440p support finally comes to PlayStation 5

Indeed, 1440p support finally comes to PlayStation 5, although it is currently in beta phase, as a test. However, the update is not expected to jump to the stable channel and reach all users of the new Sony console.

The 1440p support on PlayStation 5 was one of the shortcomings with which the console was presented shortly before its launch and, as can be seen, Sony has taken its time to implement a resolution, it must also be said, something special, directed mainly those who use a monitor, instead of a television.

It should be noted that PS5 came to market offering native support for 1080p and 4Kthe two most common screen resolutions today, not to say the standard ones on televisions, even though the quality with which games are executed at 4K is relative, depending on what technical factors are taken into account.

Be that as it may, 1440p is positioned as an intermediate option, as well as one of the most popular among PC users, or among those of consoles that use a PC monitor for gaming, which are becoming more and more. That is why the absence of said option, also being one of the most demanded since even before PS5 hit the streets, was missing.

Of course, in order to enjoy 1440p support on PlayStation 5 to its fullest, several obvious requirements have to be met, such as the game supporting that resolution. However, as happens with all types of screens and content, when their resolution is higher than that supported by the panel, there are also benefitssuch as greater sharpness in reproduction.

The only but that can be removed from this novelty is, according to VG247, that it is not clear, according to the information provided by Sony, that the variable refresh rate function that the console released a few months ago includes also 1440p, in addition to the default 1080p and 2160p.

The improvement is in any case welcome, and according to the pace that Sony has been incorporating new features into its machine, see for example the low latency mode and performance improvement that the update brought at the beginning of the month, everything is likely to continue improving. You just have to wait for it to do so (what a time when a console was what you bought in the store and nothing more).

In fact, the PlayStation blog article in which this news is revealed talks about other experimental news that sooner or later will be available to all PS5 users: game lists, customization options, more social functions…

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