15-inch MacBook Air, Mac Pro and iMac with M3 due next year according to Gurman

MacBook Air M2

With the newly arrived MacBook Air with M2 on the shelves of users, we are already considering the arrival of new computers from Apple’s lighter family but with more inches on the screen. Little is known about this new rumor, except that it will be accompanied by a Mac Pro and a new iMac but with the new M3 chip. Both this new chip and the new models are not expected until 2023 and I fear that it will be at the end as it is happening in this year 2022.

Rumors raised by Mark Gurman in his newsletter Power On, are always highly respected and commented on. Apart from saying that it is more than likely that Apple will not hold a special event for the presentation of the new computers in October, which seems very bad to me, it has also indicated that the company intends to non-stop remodeling and reinventing itself in the launch of new models.

What Mark says is that next year, Apple is likely to present the new Mac models. Those that are being long awaited by many of us. The company is expected to launch a new MacBook Air but this time with more inches on the screen. The company is even reportedly planning to increase macbook air screen current 13.3 inches to something slightly larger. But it will still be in the range between 13 and 14″. It will still keep the same M2 chip. It is not for less because it has just been launched recently. But it would not surprise me if the M3 could be added, which is expected for 2023, as well as the company responsible for its manufacture announced.

No wonder about the M3 chip. In this rumor it is indicated that it is probable that we will already see in this coming year the new iMacs with that type of chip. Besides, the new Mac Pro is expected to arrive.

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