15 keys that the Intel Vision 2022 event left us

Last week the Intel Vision 2022 took place, a very interesting event that extensively covered some of the most important news of the chip giant within the technology sector. A few days ago we already told you two of them, the new NUC Enterprise Edge Compute and the Gaudi2 accelerators, although that It was just an “appetizer” of everything we could see at the event.

We could make an exhaustive compilation with everything that Intel showed in said event, but the content was so extensive that it would be counterproductive, since the most interesting news would be diluted in a huge mountain of textand it would end up being very uncomfortable to read.

Therefore, we have preferred to a summary with the 15 most important keys that the Intel Vision 2022 left us, and that undoubtedly confirm that the Santa Clara company has maintained a proactive approach to maintain your position as one of the top leaders of the technology sector.

1.-We need to always be connected, especially in the event of a catastrophe

Intel Vision 2022

It is what Intel defined, in a translation adapted to Spanish, as “digital integrity” (“digital resilience”). When a catastrophe occurs, it is essential to maintain communications to be able to deal with it, since if they go out it is almost as if we were left in the dark. For this reason, Intel confirmed a collaboration with Pegatron focused on the development of solutions that allow maintaining 5G connectivity of up to 853 Mbps.

2.-Artificial intelligence and 5G connectivity as the engine to transform the world

Intel Vision 2022

Intel made it clear that both technologies are key to overcome the main challenges that we have had to live. These include supply chain disruptions, the impact of the pandemic, and also current geopolitical uncertainty. On this subject, we were very struck by the transformative role that AI has had in the health sector, helping to speed up and improve aspects as important as carrying out diagnoses, and how it could help in the world of agriculture to tackle the problem of world hunger.

3.-The PC continues to play a fundamental role, and this is not going to change

Intel Vision 2022

The chip giant confirmed that the COVID-19 pandemic did nothing but highlight the importance of the PC, both professionally and for general consumption. With lockdowns and the rise of telecommuting came a growing demand for PCs and laptops, and with more time spent at home, so did the demand for entertainment equipment. Smartphones are important, but it is clear that we cannot do with them the same as with a PC.

4.-Data, data and more data: Up to 180 ZB in 2025

Intel Vision 2022

Data has become an important value for many companies, but also a problem. In 2021, 80 ZB of data were created and replicated, and sThis figure is expected to rise to 180 ZB in 2025. It goes without saying that, with these numbers on the table, it is essential to find new ways to optimize the use, management and protection of this data. Intel is aware of this, and that is why it has maintained a proactive attitude and has developed totally innovative specialized solutions, such as IPUs, and has reinforced its Intel Ignite program, which has allowed firms such as Granulate to take off.

5.-Specialized computing is key, and the new Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids bet on it

Intel Vision 2022

This new generation is much more than a set of processors, they are specialized high-performance solutions that can Accelerate AI-centric workloads, as well as encryption, networking, and database-related tasks. Thanks to the specialized acceleration of each type of task, it is possible to optimize and improve any workload, and this translates into an important value for any professional.

6.-Project Endgame could change the rules of the game: Sharing resources between teams

Intel Vision 2022

During the first day of the Intel Vision event we were able to see how Project Endgame works, and the truth is that it seemed like a revolutionary proposal. Imagine that you want to move a game or a demanding application on a computer that does not have enough power to run it optimally. Well, with Project Endgame you could “borrow” power from a nearby piece of equipment, like a desktop PC or workstation, and have them run smoothly. It’s not magic, what happens is that render tasks are sent via Wi-Fi 6E to the more powerful machine, which resolves them and returns them to the less powerful machine. It goes without saying that latency plays a key role in this technology.

7.-High-performance PCs allow workers to develop their maximum potential

Intel Vision 2022

Intel has confirmed that the COVID-19 pandemic has not only transformed the way we work, learn and interact, it has also made it clear that the PC is one of the central pillars of our daily lives, both professionally as staff. The computer is, without a doubt, one of the most important tools today.and this reality is not going to change, we have already said it before, but it is necessary that this be able to meet the real needs of each usereven from the most demanding, a question that Intel has responded to on all fronts, including the laptop sector, with the launch of the Intel Core i9 Gen12 HX.

8.-The Intel Core i9-12900HX has made what seemed impossible possible

Intel Vision 2022

This processor has marked a turning point in the portable sector, already big. We are facing a chip that has 8 high-performance Golden Cove cores and 8 high-efficiency Gracemont cores, that maintains all the latest generation technologies that Intel introduced with the Core Gen12, and that also comes with the multiplier unlocked. It’s so powerful, it can handle just about any challenge, even ray-traced projects in AutoDesk. During the event we were also able to see how the high-performance and high-efficiency cores share, in real time, the workload under said tool depending on whether it is in the foreground or in the background.

9.-Data security is key, and at Intel they cover all fronts

Intel Vision 2022

The constant growth of data, and the constant movement of it, poses a significant challenge both in terms of performance and optimization, as well as security. Intel Threat Detection Technology has become one of the chip giant’s great responses to the security challenge. Intel maintains a comprehensive protection approach that covers both the data security in its three main phases: rest, transit and use, and for this it bets on keys as important as «Trusted Execution Environment», which forces a separation by hardware between data processing and the owner of the platform, and «Intel Software Guard Extensions», which carries out confidential computing in a virtualized environment through application isolation. Project Amber also plays a very important role in this regard.

10.-“Deepfakes” are a problem, and FakeCatcher could be the solution

Intel Vision 2022

During the event, Intel surprised us with fakecatcher, the first platform that is capable of detecting “deepfakes” in real time, using an artificial intelligence system that has been previously trained to be able to see “things” under the skin, specifically the flow of blood on the face of a person. You can also use a comparison of facial features, as well as eye movement and gaze, to detect “deepfakes.”

11.-Intel wants quantum computing-proof encryption

Intel Vision 2022

And it aspires to have it ready by 2030. Quantum computing is still in a very early stage, this is not open to discussion, but at Intel they are aware of the potential of such computing and they know that this could beat 128-bit AES encryption in a matter of seconds. To achieve quantum-resistant encryption, Intel is working on several keys, such as built-in encryption acceleration and new encryption standards that improve security without sacrificing performance. Create a standard encryption proof of quantum computing passes, according to Intel, through three phases: jump to 256-bit AES encryption, increase code strength with quantum-resistant algorithms, and replace public-key algorithms with new solutions.

12.-Intel already has silicon wafers in next generation nodes

Intel Vision 2022

Although we have not yet seen specific products manufactured in nodes beyond the Intel 7, used in the Alder Lake family, we were able to confirm that the Santa Clara giant has been working with superior nodes for some time, and has produced wafers in very advanced processes, such as Intel A18, which is equivalent to what we previously knew as an enhanced 5nm node. We were also able to sample Sapphire Rapids, manufactured in the Intel 7 node, and Meteor Lake, which will mark a very important leap and will be manufactured in the intel node 4.

13.-The chip giant goes all out in the graphics sector

Intel Vision 2022

And it does so with a truly impressive catalog of products. In the professional sector stand out Ponte Vecchio and Arctic Sound Mtwo highly specialized graphics accelerators, and in the general consumer sector we find Arc Alchemyt, a generation of graphics solutions featuring the latest industry innovations, including hardware ray tracing acceleration and AI acceleration via XMX drives. As if this were not enough, Intel is totally clear about its next movements, and these will take place from 2023.

14.-Good hardware needs software to match

Intel Vision 2022

That was one of the most important maxims of the event. Christoph Schell, executive vice president, chief commercial officer, and general manager of sales, marketing, and communications for Intel Corporation, said verbatim that the software it is the “glue”, that essential element of cohesion that makes the hardware work, and it is not without reason. It is useless to have very powerful hardware if it cannot develop its full potential because it is supported by poor software. Raja Koduri, general manager of the Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group (AXG) at Intel Corporation, went further, saying that it is actually more complicated to create good software than good hardware. For this reason, Intel is reinforcing its commitment to OpenSource, and to highly customizable and adaptable platforms for each client.

15.-Alder Lake has been Intel’s biggest leap in the last 5 years within the general consumer market

Intel Vision 2022

In a panel discussion with Daniel Rogers, Intel’s Senior Director of Marketing and Mobile Products, we asked him what he thought was the biggest leap Intel had made in the laptop CPU space in the last five years. years, and his answer was forceful and immediate: Alder Lake. Do we agree with him? Undoubtedlynot only because of what that generation has represented in terms of raw power thanks to the Golden Cove architecture, but also because of the differential value of uniting high-performance cores and high-efficiency cores.

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