15 million followers on Instagram after appearing in The Squid Game

The phenomenon of the moment on Netflix

Being one of the most watched Netflix series is not an easy task; become number one historically even less. But that’s just what it seems to be getting The Squid Game, a Korean production that has surprised the directors of the streaming platform.

And it is that the same big men of the red N have recently confessed it in some other interview granted: nobody saw this success coming, leaving everyone nailed in the chair before its imposing numbers since it was released this past September. It is true, of course, that at the moment there are no official data, but everything indicates that the next list of the most popular titles of the company will have the series directed and written by Hwang Dong-hyuk in the Top 1.

With such popularity, you will surely imagine that its actors have become tremendously famous overnight around the world, something that translates into a barrage of new followers on many of their social networks. And as a button shows or, rather, Hoyeon jung.

The “deserter” of the 15 million on Instagram

Model Hoyeon Jung already had a good career in South Korea, where she was known for her photography and runway work. However, his popularity has been multiplied after his participation in the series – the first he does in the world of film and television.

the squid game

Jung brings to life in fiction Kang sae-byeok, the participant number 67, a North Korean defector who decides to participate in the macabre game with the idea of ​​winning her large prize and thus being able to reunite her family, scattered after they escaped from North Korea. And this role is what has helped him to make the leap to international fame, achieving, among other things, a number of followers on Instagram typical of the best-known celebrities in the world.

the squid game

Sae-byeok currently has 15.1 million followers on the social network, a more than important jump from the 400 thousand followers it had before the series premiered. As an extra ingredient that has helped the virality of her account is the fact that the actress is close friends with Jennie, a member of the famous k-pop group Blackpink and with more than 50 million followers, who curiously appears in the thank you credits of the series, they point at Esquire, and came to visit her on the set.

Did you already follow the actress after seeing her in The Squid Game?

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