15 years and more than 270 million dollars thanks to its association with (RED)

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Apple is a technology company. We all know that. What is also undeniable is that it is a company that wants to go one step further and this is demonstrated by its various commitments. It wants to become carbon neutral in 2030. Future terms 10 years ahead, but not all are promises. Keep in mind that you already have similar litigation experience. Take nothing more and nothing less 15 years helping others with periodic donations of money to aid research to try to eradicate AIDS, especially in Africa. And it is on that continent where it continues to turn now as a company with the pandemic generated by COVID-19.

Apple has been collaborating with the association (RED) for fifteen years in order to find a solution to this scourge that is AIDS. Especially in the neediest countries. The money that Apple collects with the sales of red products, is destined to the study of the eradication of this disease. In addition, during 2020, 2021 and 2022 money is being allocated to alleviate the disastrous consequences not only health but also economic and social that has generated the Coronavirus pandemic worldwide but especially on the African continent.

In fact, Apple will continue to contribute to fattening that fund against the pandemic by allocating 50% of the profits that are achieved with the sale of these selected products.

To date it is have managed to raise close to 270 million dollars and for this reason the association (RED) and Apple have wanted to celebrate this union together with a video uploaded to the association’s YouTube channel.

(RED) and Apple have a shared history in the fight to end HIV / AIDS. As a (RED) partner for 15 years, Apple has raised nearly $ 270 million for the Global Fund through the sale of (PRODUCT) RED devices and accessories. With COVID threatening to undo the progress made to date in the fight against AIDS, Apple has been engaging its customers in the fight against both pandemics throughout the year and at key times throughout the App Store, Apple Pay integrations, and employee engagement.

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