17% of Spanish freelancers are willing to work with digital agencies

The Spanish freelancers have evolved in their preferences, in recent years. According to a study by the digital agency Xolo, more and more self-employed workers are opting for this type of organization to manage their administrative paperwork.

Thus, although the concept of digital agency is still unknown by 75% of Spanish freelancers, it is gaining more and more strength, and the 17% of respondents I would already be willing to work with them. On the other hand, 56% are interested in continuing to know the concept of digital management and how to work with them.

The differentiation of digital agencies compared to traditional ones lies in the fact that the communication and work between the client and the manager is 100% digital and it is based on an online billing and expense management solution. In the case of Xolo, it also combines artificial intelligence, machine learning and open banking to automate all these procedures such as the Social Security registration forms, the different tax models, etc. This digitization allows the company to offer a lower price (29 euros per month) than the agencies of a lifetime, used to doing these tasks by hand.

For those surveyed, the main motivations to start working with a digital agency are the lower price than the traditional ones (42%), the convenience of being able to do the paperwork from home (42%) and having access to financial information in real time (40%).

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“If digital transformation is the current priority for large companies and SMEs, why should it not be for freelancers? Organizations are changing, they are digitizing and public administrations are also doing it. We have detected an important gap in the agency sector and our goal is for more and more Spanish freelancers to digitize their procedures and automate the paperwork and administrative processes that life-long agencies carry out manually, saving time and money “, considers Carlos Sánchez, Xolo’s country manager.

Relationship with agencies

The study has also yielded relevant data on how Spanish freelancers relate to their current agencies. While 51% of the consolidated freelancers work with them all year round, 65% of those recently incorporated to this group do so sporadic. In this sense, we can extract that new freelancers have a less strong and stable relationship with their managers, so they are more interested in the concept of digital management (67%) as well as in the possibility of switching to one (19% ).

Trust between a freelancer and his agency is paramount and this is precisely the main driving force that respondents consider when hiring a digital agency. In order to deposit it in them, they explain that they need to be able to contact them in case of incident (50%), doubts (48%) and, on the other hand, that their professional and financial data are safe (43%).

Regarding the latter, using Xolo is synonymous with minimizing risks. If, as a result of an error by Xolo, any administration initiates any type of investigation or consultation, its experts are the ones who will take the initiative to resolve it at no additional cost and if there is any type of derived sanction, Xolo will cover it on behalf of the client.

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