180 degree turn in NVIDIA? There may be low-end RTX GPUs for PCs

We have seen how NVIDIA was ahead in time in the different ranges of Gaming GPUs within this battle between its RTX 30 and the RX 6000 of its already veteran rival AMD. However, in the case of the lower-middle range of graphics cards, those where the bulk of PC game fans are found and therefore the largest market share. And what has happened? That AMD has been ahead of them with their RX 6600.

This would be the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti, the replacement for the GTX 16?

With the latest information, we thought that the GA107 GPU would end up being exclusively for laptops, but according to the latest leaks that have appeared among the network’s misrepresentations, we will not see a GeForce RTX 3050 Ti for desktop computers and its specifications would be the following:

  • The GPU model number is GA106-150-A1So it wouldn’t be based on the GA107 chip in the RTX 3050 Ti for laptops, this would explain the rumors from a few days ago. In other words, the desktop RTX 3050 Ti would be a RTX 3060 slightly cropped.
  • What would not have received the snip would be the memory bus, which would continue to be of 192 bit GDDR6 and with capacities of 6 or 12 GB VRAM. Let’s not forget that the laptop version has a 128-bit bus. This also indicates that a good part of the custom designs of the RTX 3060 for desktop could be inherited by the RTX 3050 Ti.
  • The amount of the misnamed CUDA or ALU cores in FP32 is 3072, at a ratio of 128 per SM on the GeForce Ampere architecture this makes a total of 24 SM on the desktop RTX 3050 Ti. 20 SM more than RTX 3050 Ti for notebooks

On the other hand, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 will use the GA107 chip for laptops, specifically the model GA107-350-A1 and it will differ from the laptop version, obviously, by the use of a Higher TGP and therefore of higher clock speeds than their counterparts as they are not less limited in consumption. At the same time, since it is a different chip and a different VRAM configuration, the graphics cards named RTX 3050 could have different designs than the Ti version.

Will we finally see the 12GB NVIDIA RTX 2060 reissue?

RTX 2060 Render

The latest information casts the rumors about the 12GB RTX 2060 into question. We already commented a few days ago that we were aware that NVIDIA has large quantities of the TU106 chip in its warehouse and the proof of this is its attempted launch in the form of CMP HX30 and CMP HX40 mining cards. However, one of the problems with these graphics cards is that they have the video output blinded and cannot be sold as a gaming GPU to the second-hand market if the investment needs to be recovered.

The RTX 2060 are graphics cards that do not have the mining limitation that NVIDIA has placed on the second revision of the RTX 30 and NVIDIA wants to empty the stock of its warehouses. In any case, the 12 GB RTX 2060 does not come from a source as reliable as the one that has leaked the RTX 3050 Ti and RTX 3050 for desktop.

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