1Password Adds Support for Phantom Cryptocurrency Wallets


One of the most popular applications within the Apple ecosystem is 1Password, an application that allows us to manage all passwords of websites, applications, license numbers, credit card numbers and bank accounts…

It was only a matter of time before the guys at 1Password added support for some of the cryptocurrency wallets. The company has just announced that its app is now compatible with Phantom wallets. In this way, users can secure access to their cryptocurrencies and always have their password at hand.

Thus, 1Password integrates an API into the Phantom platform so that users who create a wallet and have an active 1Password subscription will be able to:

  • Save your login credentials in the password manager
  • Your wallet address and
  • Recovery phrase.

Unlike a traditional bank or credit card account, losing a cryptocurrency wallet password ismeans you lose all your content no chance of getting it back.

According to what they say from 1Password:

Here at 1Password, we want to help secure everything that’s important to you, including your cryptocurrency wallets.

We believe your recovery keys and phrases deserve the same level of protection as your credit and debit card numbers, medical records, and everything else you’ve stored within 1Password.

This is the first of many partnerships we have been working on in the cryptocurrency space.

It has always been our goal to make it easier for everyone, regardless of their technological proficiency, to protect everything that is important to them.

Phantom is a completely free digital cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to store, buy, send or receive tokenscoins, and other assets on the Solana decentralized blockchain.

Available for all platforms

1Password is available to download for free on all platforms (iOS, macOS, Android, Windows). In order to make use of all features, including password synchronization, you need to pay a subscription.

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