1TB external SSD for less than 100 euros, don’t let it get away!

Many are the users who have adopted storage platforms in the cloud to always have access to all the data they need, in addition to making backup copies and avoiding having to use applications to recover data if the hard drive stops working. However, not everyone can or wants to pay for these services and prefers to pay once and forget about recurring payments Buying a hard drive, SSD or flash drive to make backup copies and always carry it with you.

If the amount of data we have to store is very large and/or the files take up a lot of space, if we don’t want to waste a lot of time waiting for the copies or file transfer to finish, the best thing we can do is opt for an SSD. In addition, it is the best way to avoid that, in the event of any blow or fall, it stops working since, unlike HDDs (mechanical devices that use a head that moves along the disk to read the information), the SSDs store information digitally. If we are looking for a high-capacity SSD and we have a tight budget, one of the currently available options is found in the manufacturer Crucial, a manufacturer that offers us a 1 TB external SSD for less than 100 euros.

Crucial External SSD

Crucial is one of the oldest manufacturers of hard drives and SSDs in the industry along with Seagate and SanDisk among others, so if we are looking for a quality product, we can trust this manufacturer without problems. This manufacturer offers us a portable SSD with 1 TB of storage, with a maximum read and write speed of 800 MB/s, compatible with any operating system and USB 3.2 port. for only 93.82 euros.

Crucial SSD

The usual price of this SSD is 128.99 euros and is compatible with the latest generation consoles.

Other options

If we don’t even have 1 TB, to begin with, this same manufacturer also offers us this same model in a version of 2TB for 150 euros, after applying a 35% discount on its usual price which is 229.99 euros.

If the 2 TB, we also fall short, another option from this same manufacturer goes through the SSD of 4TBan SSD that is currently almost half the price, €292.50which represents a 42% discount on its usual price, which is 507.99 euros.

If our space needs are not very large, an excellent option from Crucial is the model of 500GBa model that is currently one of the external SSDs we recommend by Amazon and that, after applying the 19% discount, we can buy it for only 68.99 euros.

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