1TB SSD at 30% discount

Christmas is the best time of the year to give ourselves any whim, with the nonsense of gifts. If we are tired of receiving socks as Christmas gifts, as well as cologne and we don’t want our gift to be another surprise this year, the best thing we can do is make our own gift. If we have had the opportunity to brand new a PS5 as if we are more of playing or working on a computer and we want to enjoy the maximum loading speed and capacity, we need a quality SSD.

And, if we talk about quality in storage units, we have to talk about Seagate, one of the manufacturers more veterans in the computer industry. Although it is true that on Amazon we can find storage units from manufacturers that they only know at home, no matter how cheap they are, it is not advisable to bet on them, as long as we do not mind that our storage unit stops working overnight. the morning for no apparent reason.

If the 512 GB of our PS5 falls short, the storage unit of our PC has begun to show signs that it needs a retirement or we are running out of space for games, videos or images, the best option currently on the market is opt for an NVMe SSD like the one we show you below and that is on sale on Amazon with a 32% discount.

Seagate FireCuda 1TB NVMe SSD

On Amazon we can find the FireCuda SSD from the manufacturer Seagate type NVMe (the fastest of all) with a capacity of up to 1 TB for 154 euroswhich is a significant discount on its original price which is 229 euros.

Unlike other NVMe SSDs, this incorporates a dissipatedr to reduce the temperature of the unit when it is used intensively and thus extend its useful life. The heatsink that this unit includes is not removable, so we cannot use it in a laptop if we do not have enough space for the entire set. As a curiosity, the design of this unit is inspired by the beskar ingot from The Mandalorian of the Disney+ series and, according to the manufacturer, lasts approximately 1.8 million hours.

The main difference between SATA SSDs and M2 SSDs, like the one in this product, is size. While SATA SSDs are 2.5 inches in size, M2 SSDs are slimmer in design and sit in a different socket that is only available on newer motherboards. The maximum data transfer rate of this drive is 7,000 MB and, according to the manufacturer, it lasts for 1,275 terabytes written to the drive. This offer will end on December 25 at 23:59.

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