2 Wedding Singles: Owen Wilson has bad news for the sequel

Only a week ago we reported the news that, according to information released by Production Weekly, filming of the sequel to 2 Wedding Singles would begin next August, much to the surprise of all fans of the comedy film with Vince Vaughn is Owen Wilson.

But Owen Wilson, currently busy with Loki’s promotional tour, revealed to Collider that things are not exactly like that.

2 Wedding Singles sequel will have to wait according to Owen Wilson

During the interview, Wilson said he was excited about the news regarding the sequel to 2 Singles a Wedding, but he also threw water on the fire regarding the summer shooting of the film:

“There’s a script and David Dobkin, who obviously directed the first one, worked on it and we talked about it and it was great talking to Vince.”Wilson said. “It’s one of those movies that seems to connect with people so if we can find something that we think could be great then I’m sure we will… Someone said it will be in August (filming start date) and I don’t. I think it will, but I think first of all we need to make sure that everyone feels that we have a great story ”.

New Line Cinema’s original Wedding Crashers was produced on a budget of just $ 40 million, grossing over $ 283 million at the global box office, plus another $ 140 million in the market alone. home video. In other words, a great success.

Previous attempts to get a sequel off the ground have not achieved the desired results, perhaps also due to the way in which the notoriety of the actors in the cast has increased dramatically after the success.

We console ourselves by hoping that the final word for a sequel to 2 Singles a Wedding is still far away.

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