20 years in development and now it’s coming to Steam amid praise: what is Dwarf Fortress?

Dwarf Fortress It is a game that began to be developed in the year 2002, that is to say, just two decades ago now and it appeared for the first time in 2006 with a version that had graphics made with ASCII codes, so what?how is it possible that it is now when you have first set foot on the Steam store? We tell you everything he has achieved in this time and why many celebrate the arrival of his version premium.

An exclusive world with its own story

Dwarf Fortress is one of those games that was known within a small niche of users who have idolized it practically since its first release in 2006, when it appeared on PC with an approach as unique as it was revolutionary because, among other things, invited us to play in a world that its engine was capable of generating exclusively for us. And no, don’t think that she was limited to drawing a stage and little else. When we talk about a world, we talk about a real world, with all that that implies.

When starting a game of Dwarf Fortress we have to define a series of parameters such as the size of that world we want and, also, how many years of history we want it to cover (and invent). 10, 50, 100, 5,000? There are no problems for what we choose now the title will be able to not only design the orography of the map, but also where each town lives (dwarves, elves, humans and goblins) and what have they all done throughout that period: which peoples did they invade or attack and when, what lands do they occupy and how did they get it, which beasts died and why before they arrived us or what motivations are behind, for example, the elves have decided to entrench themselves and have no contact with anyone else?

All that plot background is stored in each gamealways different, and we will be able to consult it to know it within an extraordinary legend mode that imprints on Dwarf Fortress that unique sensation of being infinite. But do not think that this is his only virtue. It has more, like the development itself, which invites us to manage resources, assign tasks to the characters we manage, keep them alive and make our town grow by building a settlement that, with each portion of time that passes, becomes more bigger and bigger.

Dwarf Fortress.

Why so much joy?

The arrival of Dwarf Fortress Do not think that it has gone unnoticed. 20 years in development from the first ASCII version to the current one premium It has gone a long way, as many developers have thanked the launch for being a title that inspired them at the time to dedicate himself to the noble work of designing and programming video games.

Among those select fans who have welcomed Dwarf Fortress are the creators of terraria, Caves of Qud either Prison Architectyou, what openly acknowledge that without his influence they would not have developed their gameswhich says a lot about what we can expect from this new version that hit digital PC stores on December 6.

If you want to dare to try it, we warn you: its depth of play is so colossal, that you will not be able to escape to continue the history of that world that you decide to create one day after another. Oh, and don’t be fooled by its appearance. In Dwarf Fortress that is the least.

*Opening image obtained from ArtStation.

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