2021 MacBook Pro shipments extend through January 2023

Notch on the MacBook Pro

One of the doubts we have right now when buying a MacBook Pro is whether or not it will arrive on time for the date set on January 5 and right now it is right. Yes, after its official launch Apple’s new 14-inch and 16-inch computers They are suffering like the rest of the products of a really scarce stock, the shipments took a long time and right now the new equipment sets dates for January 3.

Sales are at a good pace and that will be seen in the next quarter

Apple continues to slowly but steadily sell its equipment and this will surely show in the company’s fiscal first quarter financial results after the holidays. What is evident is that Apple users are being loyal to the new teams and sales are good. It is true that these teams arrived in droppers but the sales rhythm does not stop.

For those who have a physical Apple Store nearby It is possible that when accessing it they will find some equipment available for immediate purchaseIt is even possible right now to be lucky enough to buy and pick up equipment on the same day. This is only possible if we have a store nearby, the rest have to wait a while until you get home. For those who want to have the equipment at home before next January 6 by shipping, the only option seems to be to buy the equipment in the remainder of the week …

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