2022 Macs could incorporate future 3nm chips


Although there is currently a great shortage of chip production, manufacturers do not stop investigating so that future generations of devices are better and meet the demands of companies. Having more advanced chips makes the devices that incorporate them better. TSMC hopes to mass produce in 2022 the new 3 nm chips that the Macs of the same year would incorporate.

TSMC is on track to incorporate its 3nm chip technology into volume production in the second half of 2022 for Mac. So at least speak the new reports generated by sources in the silicon industry. The company may be able to mass-produce these new chip models by mid-2022, so it is likely that Apple could use them in its new Macs due out later that year.

Talking about these new 3nm chips is a significant advance. We are talking about being able to increase power and performance by 11% while heating would be reduced by up to 27% and that means even more performance in global terms. Some very good figures that predict that next year’s Macs will once again be the machines to beat the competition.

In addition to all this, the reports also speak of the ability of the manufacturer of these devices, to be able to advance in technology and little by little to improve those chips so that, finally in 2026 we can see 1 nm chips. This would represent an exceptional and exponential advance compared to the current 5 nm. That is why it is not unreasonable to think that by 2027 Apple Macs will be very powerful computers even in their lowest ranges.

Now, like all rumors, we will have to wait to see if it comes true, because it is also said that those new 3nm chips will be incorporated first in the iPad Pro.

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