24 challenges to learn to code before Christmas

The advent calendar marks the beginning of the countdown to Christmas Eve, beginning on December 1 and ending on the 24th of the same month. Traditionally it has always been intended for the little ones in the house and includes a gift in the form of a chocolate bar behind each day. However, in recent years, the traditional advent calendar has been mutating today, it is not only aimed at children, but at all types of audiences and where we can find everything from makeup items to beers and challenges to learn programming.

We live in a society where applications are responsible for satisfying our entertainment needs, getting in touch with our loved ones… Currently, for every need, there is an application that allows us to cover it. Learning to program is a profession that does not know unemploymenta profession that has multiple outlets in any technological field.

CSS Advent Calendar

Learning to program is not a process that is learned overnight and that you have to dedicate time to. If we have always had the itch to study programming and we have at least basic knowledge, we can challenge ourselves to complete this advent calendar, a calendar that, over 24 days, offers us a series of challenges that we receive by email and that we must try to resolve.

Each challenge includes all the necessary files to be able to carry it out, so we are not going to start from scratch on a blank canvas. In addition, it also includes a guide to complete them and methods to improve our knowledge in CSS and HTML. This advent calendar is completely free, and it is an excellent opportunity to show if we have the necessary patience to continue in the field of programming and expand our knowledge.

But, if we don’t have much free time or our patience is limited, we can pay 24 dollars and, in addition to receiving a new challenge every day, also receive the solution and an explanatory tutorial of how the process has been carried out. This option is ideal for users who only have a basic understanding of CSS and HTML.

If, in addition, we also want to take our first steps in JavaScript, we can pay for the most complete calendar, a calendar that costs $39, and includes the same $24 content, but also includes a daily javascript challenge along with the solution and the steps that have been followed to complete it.

To learn to code, it is necessary to practice, just like when it comes to a sport or any other activity. This advent calendar is an excellent opportunity to take the first steps in the world of programming, both for developers and designers. If we do not have time during that month and we pay for the version that includes the solutions, we are not going to lose money since all the content will be available from our email and the web page of this project.

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