26% of Spaniards are already digital nomads

You wake up early, turn on your computer and see that wallpaper of a spectacular paradisiacal beach. Now, for a moment, you close the laptop and still keep those views How is it possible? Because you no longer need a photo to enjoy that landscape. “Nomadic” is the adjective used to describe those who prefer to travel from one place to another and enjoy the advantages of virtuality to develop any trade, a practice that is quite normal these days. So much so, that 26% of Spaniards are either already digital nomads or are preparing to start the journey, according to data from a survey conducted by Rumbo.

Teleworking has positioned itself strongly in Spain in just a couple of years. With the pandemic, we further confirm that a job well done is not subject to the place from which it is done, especially in those professions where no matter where you are, but the results obtained. Which has not only been an opportunity to reconcile work, but also to enjoy one of the hobbies that arouses the most passions and that, after the pandemic, we need so much: To travel!

What is it that makes digital nomads so unique?

  • Interest in entering other cultures. The possibility of exploring other worlds living your day to day as one more is one of the dreams that teleworking allows to fulfill. You are not a backpacker or a tourist with a camera in hand; you are part of society and this gives a bonus of unique personal experience. Meet new people and places, experience new cultures, say goodbye to routine, travel constantly, save in places with a lower cost of living… all without having to request a vacation.
  • Connect with nature, the priority of the nomads. The rush, the traffic jams, the hustle and bustle…these are elements of big cities that make us want to take a break. In fact, discovering and experiencing closeness to the environment has become the main reason for Spaniards to opt for virtual work: 42% of those who work from other countries say that it is a fundamental factor, according to the survey of Changing the climate to enjoy the good weather is the reason that moves 39% of teleworkers, in addition to that immense desire to break with the routine (35%).
  • Have a real wallpaper. If something has allowed teleworking, it is being able to change the fictitious backgrounds of the video calls for real images. Those images that were sometimes blurred in mountains or beaches are now history for many professionals who have taken their suitcase and their computer to go to natural environments to continue working. Envy? Of course! White sand beaches are the landscape most envied by 44% of Spaniards, according to the survey.
  • The conditions, more important than the landscape. Yes, working in Cancun can make anyone envious, but digital nomads don’t get carried away just because of that. For them it is essential that the destination has sufficiently modern infrastructure and technological conditions to carry out their work, after all, that is the main objective. A comfortable environment is essential for 58% of Spaniards, in addition to having a bright room (55%) and being able to enjoy, above all, peace and tranquility (50%).

The destinations that succeed among digital nomads

If before the normal thing was to look for a place to spend the holidays and disconnect, now the norm is to go hunting for places to connect the laptop and, at the same time, enjoy a wonderful environment far away or, at leastnot so close to home. Some cities and even countries have seen in this fact an opportunity to make themselves known beyond their well-known attractions. These are some enclaves that are succeeding in lovers of online work:

Canary Islands: the office with more than a thousand kilometers of beach

What if your office had a coast as a dining room? In the Canary Islands it is possible thanks to its unlimited views of the sea, surrounded by unique nature and with an average annual temperature of 23 degrees. An office with spectacular beaches and natural parks where you can disconnect between calls and emails, will make surfing, beach bars and walks along the shore become the best after-work.

Malaga: the metropolis of teleworking

Every year this Andalusian province receives thousands of tourists attracted by its culture, heritage, its beaches and its climate; and now, also for telecommuting. Its technological environment, the large number of business centers, coworking spaces, excellent Internet coverage, its very affordable prices and the quality of life are some of the indisputable arguments for choosing this destination. Of course, closing the computer and going to enjoy Malaga’s art on Calle Larios, the Alcazaba or Muelle Uno will be reasons that will make you not want to leave.

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Asturias: when the countryside is your boss

The north of Spain has also become relevant thanks to its natural surroundings, its spectacular gastronomy and a pleasant climate to face spring and summer in the best possible way. In addition, its interesting real estate offer will make a house in one of its rural areas farthest from large urban centers a unique experience where you can telecommute with a tranquility that can hardly be found in other places.

Portugal: the neighbor yet to be discovered

An international destination within the Iberian Peninsula where combining teleworking and leisure will be the least of the problems. The almost brotherly closeness that we have with the Portuguese, its good climate and diversity of landscapes attract us as much as going to live for a season. Lisbon, the home of delicious cream cake, is one of the best cities to work from home, thanks to its good infrastructure offer with easy access to perfect beaches for swimming first thing in the morning or after the working day. On the other hand, Porto, that port city so cheap and easy to visit, is now the temple of many nomads who are not satisfied with weekend walks. They want more!

Italy: the dolce vita of telecommuting

The country with the most World Heritage Sites in the world is, without a doubt, one of the best wallpapers in work meetings that, in addition, gives you the opportunity to start the day with a delicious Italian coffee and a ciambella to the fullest. taste. In cities like Milan you can take advantage of a large number of coworking spaces, located almost next to cultural and leisure epicenters of great international popularity. Another option is Sicily, thanks to its well-known island lifestyle and its mountain villages that make it the ideal place to escape the urban bustle and relax while fulfilling work obligations.

Dominican Republic: the Caribbean as a desktop

The more adventurous prefer to get away a few kilometers and lose themselves in the world. The well-known ‘República del merengue’ is one of the favorite enclaves of digital nomads who don’t think twice about crossing the pond. Beyond its crystalline beaches, its fun and cheerful lifestyle make it a telecommuting paradise. Santo Domingo, its capital, offers the opportunity to live the experience of living in the first city founded by Europeans in the Americas, in modern business spaces and always with the Caribbean climate.

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