3 (+1) Perfect Black Friday Deals For Your Survival Kit

Equipped with 2 USB outputs from 5V to 3.2A, you can recharge up to two devices at the same time and do business with those who want to continue arguing on Twitter despite the atomic radiation.

With a price of 22.09 euros, it has dropped about 3 euros compared to the usual price and will be available in time for Black Friday.

2. 18-in-1 multipurpose tool

What’s better than an ax, a knife, a can opener, and a saw? Have all that in a single tool, along with 15 more functions.

If you do not want to load your backpack with too many things, because the end of the world does not work the same as GTA, the best thing is that you catch this multipurpose tool with 18 functions.

Foldable, comfortable and resistant, you could find it for about 22 euros, but now it is at 16.99 for Black Friday. An essential to survive and face whatever it is.

3. Gloves with knuckle reinforcement and touch screen handling

Everybody thinks that for the apocalypse you need a really big gun and a cool jacket.

Error, the most important thing, and what you will regret if you don’t have it, is sturdy and comfortable shoes and gloves to touch things without infecting you with the virus that will turn us into undead.

For the first, everyone has their tastes, whether military or mountain boots. For the second, we recommend these gloves, black, resistant, with knuckle reinforcement and ability to handle the mobile.

Because we assume that you have caught the power bank above and you will have a phone, right?

Normally, they cost about 19.99 euros, but thanks to Black Friday you will pay only 16.99, which you will see when you enter Amazon.

4. (Bonus) First aid kit

You know what happens, that everything is very beautiful in the apocalypse, until you hurt yourself and realize that there are no doctors or pharmacies.

So now you know, put a good first aid kit in your backpack. If you want to take advantage of Black Friday, the option that we recommend is this first aid kit, quite well equipped for just over 20 euros.

We have found that it has been worth about 23.99 euros these months, so yes, it is a good time to get it.

As you can see, this Black Friday is quite thematic and with gadgets and products very of The walking dead. Maybe Bezos knows something that we don’t know …

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