3 applications to see at what time electricity is cheaper each day

Depending on the electricity rate you have contracted, you may be interested in knowing what time of day electricity is cheapest. Every hour the price varies, although it may or may not affect you. In fact, there can be 24 different prices, one for each hour of the day. That is why it is interesting to know when it will be cheaper, what is the average price for a given day, etc. Maybe it will help you choose when to put the dishwasher, for example. In this article we are going to show three applications with which you can see this information.

How to see the cheapest electricity hour each day

Keep in mind that they are public data and are available for any user to consult. The goal is to help us have information to decide when to use more energy. Maybe you don’t care if you use the oven at one time or another, for example, and you can save some money. You will be able to see this data on different pages and applications, but here we are going to show you three.

Red OS

The first we want to show is the official application of the Red Eléctrica de España. You can download this program both in the iOS app store as well as for Android. Its operation is very simple and it will tell you the time with the cheapest electricity price, the maximum for that day.

RedOS, cheaper daylight hours

Every day at 8:15 p.m. it updates the data for the following day. In this way you will know what is going to happen in terms of price and calculate at what time to turn on your appliances to save as much as possible. You can see graphs, know the energy generation, the demand, etc. It is a fairly complete application and it is very useful to have updated information.

Save on Light

Another program that you can also install in iOS and Android is Save on Light. It is one of many out there, but we find it very intuitive to use. As soon as you open it, the cost of the current hour appears, the next best hour, the average price for that day or the maximum price difference that there will be.

now in light

If you click on the Today tab, the price for each hour will appear. It is very useful that it appears with different colors to know if you are in the cheapest, average or most expensive hours. You will see that there may be important differences depending on the section in which you are at that moment.

Light Hour Rate

One more option is the Tarifa Luz Hora website. In this case it is not a mobile application, although you can still access it from any phone. It’s a very useful sitewhere you will find constantly updated information and everything very well organized to know at what time electricity is cheaper.

Cheaper electricity price

Here you will also be able to see graphs and everything very well organized so that you can quickly see the hours that are cheaper. This way you can calculate when to turn on devices and save on the bill.

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