3 canceled Facebook projects that prove Zuckerberg is a supervillain

We have all heard about the virtual reality project with which Facebook (sorry, Meta) wants to trap us even more in its garden. But in case you didn’t find the ad disturbing enough, here are 3 abandoned projects by Facebook Goal that clearly demonstrate that Zuckerberg is a supervillain.

While everyone compares Jeff Bezos with Lex Luthor and Elon Musk with the Hank Scorpio from the Simpsons (Musk is already asked directly in interviews if he is a supervillain), here we are clear that the winning horse is Mark Zuckerberg.

Each thing he presents is more disturbing than the last and, as an example, these 3 projects abandoned by Facebook that prove Zuckerberg is a comic book villain.

1. The Building 8, the secret laboratory dismantled

In April 2016, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would invest millions in diversifying its business towards the hardware and hired Regina Dugan to lead that effort.

Dugan is famous in tech circles for her work at DARPA (the US agency for Advanced Defense Research Projects) and got in front of “Building 8”, a top secret laboratory that would host robotics, artificial intelligence or virtual reality initiatives.

In case those two details don’t seem like the beginning of a B movie, let’s remember that Zuckerberg is a man who wants to read our minds, literally, and the work for that began in Building 8.

Little is known about what happened within its walls, which you had to access with an escort even if you were from the company. However, from time to time news as reassuring as the disconnection of two artificial intelligences leaked out, which began to communicate with each other in a language that scientists did not understand.

We know that the press distorted it and that these things usually happen with AIs (which does not bother us in the least), but the point is that, 17 months later, there was nothing left of Building 8.

Dugan left for unclear reasons and Facebook moved the projects that it did not have to kill with fire to other divisions.

2. The Libra project, Facebook’s cryptocurrency

In June 2019, in the heat of the Bitcoin fever, Facebook presented his cryptocurrency project, Libra. With it, Zuckerberg made it even clearer that he was after our money.

Facebook lives on data and the juiciest are how you spend and on what. This project wanted to involve industry giants, such as Stripe or VISA, but it also attracted the eyes of legislators.

And there everything began to go wrong. Faced with the most basic questions of legality, privacy, etc., Facebook’s reports and objectives seemed unclear.

A few months later, the abandonment of partners began, including VISA and Mastercard, who gave the coup de grace to Libra. Apparently they doubted the ability of the meet legal expectations. By now, other companies, such as Ebay, had already said: Nope, let’s get out of here.

3. The «Instagram for children»

The parade of Facebook confidants and leaked reports is a constant trickle. In one of them, the company recognized that Instagram it was negative for mental health, especially of adolescent women.

And what do you do if you’re Zuckerberg and you read that? You caress your chin and you think that it would be a great idea to extend it and make an «Instagram for children».

The project has been put in the freezer as evil revelations keep piling up and it doesn’t seem like a good time. A project that referred to those 10 to 12 year olds as “Unexploited wealth”.

Because that’s the way a normal person, and not a supervillain, refers to children as “unexploited wealth.”

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