3 cases in which you are more interested in Ubuntu than Windows 11

Ubuntu? is it better than Windows? either Windows? is it better than linux? This is one of the questions that we can find the most on the Internet when talking about operating systems. And it is also the root of many discussions on all kinds of websites and forums. There is no clear and unbiased answer to this question as each user will give biased answers and arguments. But what is clear is that both systems are good, and, depending on the use that we are going to make of it, it is possible that one of them is better suited to our needs than the other.

Within the Linux world, Ubuntu is the best known distro. Developed by canonically, This offers all interested users an easy-to-use, stable and fast system. A perfect system for our day to day with which we can do almost the same as with any other operating system, such as Windows.

However, there are three key cases where it definitely suits us much better bet on a Linux operating systemlike Ubuntu, before the new Windows 11. Let’s see them.

We have an old or non-compatible computer with Windows 11

One of the most criticized aspects of Windows 11 has been raising its minimum requirements. And it is that, despite being based on Windows 10, this new OS forces users to have twice the RAM and twice the space on the hard drive. And not only that, but we must also have a relatively new processor and a TPM 2.0 chip on the motherboard. If our computer is more than 4 years old, we will probably encounter all kinds of problems when installing this new Windows.

This is where Ubuntu comes into play. Although with the latest 22.04 LTS the requirements have increased, and it even asks for a minimum of 4 GB of RAM, the rest are still more modest than those of Windows 11. And, most importantly, we will not need a modern CPU, nor have a TPM 2.0 chip, to be able to install this system.

let’s schedule

Another of Linux’s strengths is programming. Although it is true that we can program in any operating system, it is also true that doing it in Linux is much more practical and comfortable than doing it in Windows. In Ubuntu we can find many programming IDEs to shape our projects. In addition, we can also install any compiler that we may need to shape our projects. And the Linux debugger is generally much more advanced than the Windows debugger.

Therefore, taking into account the above, along with other advantages such as the good performance of the system, the privacy it offers us, and the good integration with other platforms, such as GitHub, Ubuntu is much better than Windows 10 for programming.

We seek security and privacy

Windows is controlled by Microsoft. And, like any other private company (such as Amazon, Google or Apple), part of its income comes from user data. Since Windows 10, Microsoft’s operating system collects massive amounts of data from users while they use the PC. And even if we disable all privacy options, we are still not private.

ubuntu privacy

Ubuntu is not that it is the most private Linux, since Canonical also has its own hidden interests. But it is a much more private system than Windows, which we can use without fear of other companies ending up with our personal information. And the same applies to security, as it is a much more secure and better supported system than any Microsoft system.

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