3 cryptocurrencies that were not going to fall and have ruined you

Over the last few years an increasing number of users have made the determination to invest in cryptocurrencies to a greater or lesser extent. However, these investments, although successful in some cases, have turned into real ruin in others. Next, we will talk about some clear examples with which we promised ourselves very happily and that ended up being a disaster.

Surely, many of you, even if you are not familiar with this type of investment, it is more than familiar to you Bitcoin. To say that this is one of the many cryptocurrencies that we can use and invest right now if we wish. But first of all we recommend you study and learn about this complex market so as not to lose money immediately or in the medium term. On the internet we can find a huge amount of information about many of these cryptocurrencies before investing part of our savings.

Otherwise, something similar to what has happened to those who invested in these three virtual currencies which we are going to talk about next. Although at first they seemed to be a very promising investment, in the end they have become a serious headache for those who decided to acquire these securities.

Nirvana NIRV

This is one of the many cryptocurrencies that were initially promised very happily to make us earn money, but in the end it has not been the case. If we focus on NIRV, to say that it is a well-known Solana-based stablecoin that has become a serious headache for many. The main reason for this is that recently lost 85% of its parity with the dollar. This is something that came after a security flaw focused on hacking the Nirvana Finance performance protocol.

As you can imagine, this security flaw directly affected the performance of the cryptocurrency, falling sharply.

nirv cryptocurrency

MOON Cryptocurrencies

Another of the virtual currencies that have recently suffered a resounding fall in terms of their values ​​has been MOON/Earth. Let’s start from the basis that the operation of these digital goods is given largely by computational logic and mathematics. Therefore, the LUNA algorithmic currency was completely dependent on the investments of certain market users. We are talking about investors trying to take advantage of the inefficiency of the current market.

But unbeknownst to anyone at first, this particular investment fell sharply mainly due to a significant downward jolt to the value stabilization arithmetic mechanism. This caused a significant drop in the price of MOON and the fear that all this produced in the market caused the fall.

moon cryptocurrencies


It is more than likely that the investors in this cryptocurrency that we are commenting on now have already realized the losses generated by it in recent weeks. All this despite the fact that initially success was linked to XRP. But as usual, nothing guarantees success in this type of investment. According to experts, the downward trend of XRP is due to the overall fall that the cryptocurrency market is going through.

We must take into account that at the moment some tokens are currently trading at more than 90% below their historical highs, something that affects the case that we mentioned to you.

cryptocurrencies xrp

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