3 functions that Telegram does not have in Windows, and these clients do

Instant messaging applications were originally developed for use on mobile devices. But over time little by little they have been reaching desktop computers. This is the case that we find with some platforms as popular as Telegram or WhatsApp.

It is true that we have the possibility of using these messaging applications from their web version. This means that, through any internet browser, we can make use of these platforms to communicate with our contacts without the use of other programs. But at the same time, due to their enormous popularity and use, many of these services have their own clients to install on our computers.

In this way we will be able to benefit from the advantages offered by writing and managing these programs on a desktop computer, from the official application. In addition, and since it is easy to imagine both the desktop app and the one we have on the mobile device, sync all changes and conversations in real time. This means that all our chats are added to both platforms as we use them on one of them. In the event that we spend a good part of the day working with the computer, we can be in contact with our friends and family directly from the Windows application.

This is the case of Telegram Desktop, one of the most used messaging clients for Windows. For some time now we have been able to use this official client of the platform on our computer based on the Microsoft system. But with everything and with it there is still functions that some users miss and what if they find in other similar applications of the competition.

Telegram Desktop
Telegram Desktop

Developer: Telegram Messenger LLP

Features you miss in Telegram Desktop

It must be taken into account that the official client of this messaging platform is in full growth. In this way, its top managers and they send us the latest news created and improvements to existing functions, through their updates.

telegram destruction

With everything and with it there are some characteristics that we will find in other similar alternatives like Unigram, but they are not yet available on the official, Telegram Desktop. This is precisely what we will talk about in these same lines.

Unigram — Telegram for Windows
Unigram — Telegram for Windows

Developer: Unigram, Inc.

  • Programming for the self-destruction of chats: Something that we find in other similar applications is a programmed self-destruction system. This means that we can establish a certain period of time in each of the chats individually so that it is automatically destroyed.
  • Individual windows for each conversation: on many occasions we are going to find ourselves faced with the case that we have several conversations at the same time on Telegram. It is true that this is something that we can easily carry out in the official client of the platform. But at the same time it could be much more comfortable for us to be able to open individual windows for each of the active conversations. Other unofficial clients like Unigram allow us to do this, but it is not currently available on Telegram Desktop.
  • Responsive design for wide screens: Large widescreen displays are becoming more common on desktop PCs. For this reason, some alternative Telegram applications offer us the possibility of activating a function that adapts the interface to them. This will allow us to adapt the interface of the messaging application much better to our monitor.

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