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Mobile operators are currently waging a merciless war. Enough to make you happy since you can make huge savings on your mobile bill. Whether it is La Poste Mobile, RED by SFR or B&You, you will necessarily find the package that suits you.

The operators have accustomed us to their weekly brawls. One gets the ball rolling with an aggressive mobile offer, the other comes right back… Although the winter sales are already over, you can still save money on your mobile plan. But you’ll have to be quick since all of these offers end in a few hours. Tick ​​tock…

Among all the packages that we are going to present to you, note that they are all without engagement. Freedom is yours. Finally, know that you can keep your current phone number free by retrieving your RIO number at 3179 and communicating it to your new operator when you subscribe.

La Poste Mobile makes everyone agree

Up to tomorrow evening, La Poste Mobile is doing well with a fully unlimited 60 GB mobile plan at just 11.99 euros per month. As a bonus, you benefit from 15 GB of data that can be used in the European Union and the overseas departments. A significant number of gigas abroad which is very practical during your holidays or weekends. At less than 12 euros per month, 60 GB is more than enough mobile data for daily use without restricting you.

To crack you up, La Poste Mobile guarantees this monthly price even after the first year. Something to reassure more than one, that’s for sure. You are thus guaranteed not to be fooled by a sudden increase in your mobile plan.

Note that La Poste Mobile relies on the SFR network so that you can browse at high speed wherever you are. In addition, its packages are available in store but also online so that everyone finds their account.

See La Poste Mobile plans

RED by SFR, things big

We can say that RED by SFR does not go there with the back of the spoon… The operator downright sacrifices all its mobile plans up to tomorrow morning, 9:00 a.m.. In our eyes, the most interesting package is the one with 100 GB of data for only 10 euros per month. This package thus includes 100 GB of internet, of which 14 GB can be used in Europe and the overseas departments, and unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

For a few more hours, you can take advantage of a mobile plan at a price as low as on Black Friday, to tell you. This is one of the best offers that RED by SFR has been able to offer us. You benefit from an impressive volume of mobile data without exceeding the symbolic monthly 10 euros. With so many gigas, you are sure to never run out even if you are a content devourer.

If you ever feel that 100 GB is not enough to fill you, RED by SFR is also selling off its 200 GB package which costs you 12 euros per month. You won’t find so much mobile data at such a low price, that’s for sure.

Moreover, it is not necessary to present the SFR network which is renowned for its quality and speed.

See the RED by SFR packages

B&You, tough competition

Generally, RED by SFR and B&You are neck and neck. So, it’s not surprising to find Bouygues Telecom’s non-binding packages at ridiculous prices for a few more hours. Up to midnight tonight, you can leave with the B&You 100 GB package at 9.99 euros per month. It includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 20 GB of data usable in Europe and the overseas departments. An avalanche of mobile data, in France and elsewhere at a mini price.

Tighter budgets will no doubt appreciate the B&You 5 GB mobile plan at 4.99 euros per month. A generous offer, which includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMs, and sufficient for people who are not too connected. In general, at this rate, you are only entitled to a few MB of mobile data…

Note that Bouygues Telecom is in second place in the ranking of the best mobile networks by ARCEP. Something to tip the balance.

See B&You packages

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