3 key tricks to cheat the algorithm and find work faster

If you are looking for a new job or a first job opportunity, we will show you how to make the resume perfect so that you can beat the algorithm and, once you upload your CV on the internet, you have a real chance of being selected in the position offered. Following these keys, you will be able to create a perfect resume that will overcome the difficulties of the network and will reach the hands of the human resources staff.

Before I tell you 3 keys at the time of applying for a new jobWe will tell you how the algorithm that can approve or reject you works, defining your economic future. With the technological advance, different companies decided to delegate the selection processes to artificial intelligence systems that are in charge of evaluating your resume according to keywords defined by the companies. Therefore, according to that mechanism, the algorithm can easily rule you out. Although it can also eliminate excellent candidates who have failed to properly complete their CVs.

First of all, one of the keys before applying to a new job It is that the applicant must investigate the company and know how it measures the results in terms of productivity. This will allow you to have a greater advantage over other candidates since the resume it will have scales similar to those imposed by companies.

Use words keys in the development of resume it will be essential as the algorithms look for statements related to skills, work experience, education and achievements, among others. It is also advisable to use words that the person who wrote the offer of the new job. By copying them, it will be possible to guarantee that the intelligence system will look for those attributes that it published.

Finally, the sheet on which the curriculum is made is essential. The simple format when applying to a new job will prevail over the others keys. The reason? The algorithm has difficulties to scan CV with PDF format, therefore it is recommended to use a single sheet of Word. In addition, you must use a standard format and not two or three columns since the system will take the blank spaces as null. The more minimalist the presentation, the more chances of staying with the position.

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