3 keyboards with illumination and multimedia keys with a big discount

When buying a keyboard, the first thing to check is a price target to then start looking for what characteristics we want them to have. While membrane keyboards are the cheapest, they are the easiest to break and cannot be fixed. If we are looking for a keyboard that will last us and that, in addition, can be repaired, we need a mechanical keyboard, a keyboard in which the switches that stop working can be replaced without having to buy a new one.

The number of mechanical keyboards available on Amazon is very wide and for all budgets. If we are clear that a mechanical keyboard is the best option and you do not want to get lost looking for the best option on Amazon, then we show you 3 mechanical keyboards for all budgets.

Black Shark 105 keys for 39.99 euros

This keyboard is made up of 105 keys, includes RGB lighting that is managed through an application and not from the keyboard like most cheap mechanical keyboards. This offer corresponds to the model with blue switches, switches that also include an anti-gosting effect to prevent them from being pressed when placing your fingers on the keys, making it ideal for gaming.

The Black Shark mechanical keyboard with 105 keys and blue switches has a regular price of 56.90 euros, but for a limited time, it is available with a 30% discount, so your final price is 39.99 euros.

Newskill Suiko for 60.98 euros

If we can stretch the budget a little more, an interesting option available is found in the manufacturer Newskill. This manufacturer offers us the Suiko model, a complete mechanical keyboard that includes a wrist rest, RGB lighting and macro keys for recording footage, making it ideal for both gaming and working.

Newskill Suiko

The model on sale includes brown switches (quieter than the blue ones) and its final price is 60.98 euros, which represents a 13% discount on its original price, which is 69.95 euros.

Razer BlackWidow V3 for 99.99 euros

If the budget is not a problem, we can opt for one of the best keyboards on the market, an ideal keyboard for both playing and working. We are talking about the Razer BlackWidow V3, a complete keyboard with RGB lighting that is managed through an application, multimedia keys and volume control with a little wheel that also allows us to manage music playback.

Razer BlackWidow

It includes a wrist rest to ease the strain on your wrists and is discounted by 38%. The original price of this keyboard is 159.99 euros and with that discount, the final price it stays at only 99.99 euros.

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