3 macOS Monterey Features You’ll Love

Soon we will be able to enjoy the new version of macOS Monterey for our Macs. We are currently in beta phases, but with the Apple event confirmed, we can almost assure that it will show what will be the new operating system for Apple computers. These three functions of the new operating system are: Safari tabs; Quick Note and Focus Mode.

Safari tabs in macOS Monterey


Apple is changing the way tabs are displayed in Safari 15. Previously, tabs appeared below the Address / Search box and the Favorites Bar. Tabs now occupy the space in the Address / Search box, allowing slightly more than one web page to display on the screen. It can be useful if you have multiple tabs open. You can try this new feature through Safari Technology Preview.

The new UI is on by default, but there is the option to switch to a more familiar layout, where the Address / Search box remains in the middle and tabs appear below it. You just have to follow the following steps: View> Show separate tab bar and Safari will be as you have always known it in this regard.

In this new version of the browser, you can save groups of tabs. To create a tab group, You have to click on the File menu and then select: New group of tabs with the number of tabs that are currently open.

If you do right-click on a group of tabs, there are a couple of very useful functions:

  • Copy links: Selecting this creates a bulleted, hyperlinked list on the clipboard. When pasted, the name of the tab group appears in the title of the list.
  • At the bottom of the right-click menu is a list of sites on each tab. You can select one and it will load into the main window.

Quick note

A quick way to create a note file when you are not using the Notes app. When activated, the Notes app quickly opens to a new file that you can start using right away.

Apple added Quick Note as a corner feature in macOS Monterey. We can choose a corner of the screen and when we move the cursor to that corner, A Quick Note will be triggered:

  1. We open System preferences.
  2. We click on the cControl entry.
  3. Click on the Corners button at the bottom of the configuration window
  4. We will see an image representing your screen in the center of the window, surrounded by four pop-up menus in each corner. We choose a corner that we want to use to activate a quick note.
  5. We click on the pop-up menu the corner you want.
  6. We select Quick note.
  7. We give to to accept

Can be configured to always create a new file for notes or to open the most recent file in the Notes app preferences.

Focus or Attention mode in this version of macOS

With Focus on macOS Monterey, we can configure it so that don’t be interrupted by instant messages, calls and alerts. This will allow us to concentrate on what we are doing on the Mac. It is an expansion of options that were originally available in the Do Not Disturb feature that is already in macOS. How do we activate it ?:

  1. In the menu bar, we click on the Control Center icon. That pair of switches in black and white color.
  2. We can click on the Focus icon and that will activate the functionality until you deactivate it. If you want more options, we will have to click on the Focus label or the arrow.
  3. The window will change to the Focus window.
  4. If you don’t have a profile set up, we can select an option in the Do not disturb heading. If you have profiles, you can select one of them.

Tool can be configured to activate automatically:

  1. In Notification system preference and focus, we click on the Focus tab.
  2. In the left column are our profiles. For create a new profile, we click the + button at the bottom of the column. A pop-up window will appear with six options.
  3. If we select Personalized, we can choose a color and icon to be able to detect it quickly. We will have to assign a name in the field below the icon at the top.
  4. We click on Add.
  5. We configure it to our liking (allow specific contacts, what specific applications … etc)
  6. In the frame “Activate automatically », we click the + button. A pop-up window will appear and you will need to select one of three conditions:
    1. Automation based on weather
    2. Based on the Location
    3. Based on Applications

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