3 modes that allow you to master the playback speed in VLC

As a general rule, the operating systems that we use on our devices include a series of pre-installed apps. This is the case of some type of multimedia player that is made available to us to meet our needs in this regard. But with everything and with it, in most cases we use external solutions, as happens with VLC for this type of task.

And it is that normally we almost always prefer to download and install our favorite applications, discarding those that the system offers us by default. A clear example of all this is found in Windows, which has a series of pre-installed UWP programs which in most cases we do not use. Either because of the functions they offer us, because we are used to their use, or we simply like them better, we use our favorite applications.

When it comes to multimedia playback of videos and music, one of the favorite options is the aforementioned VLC. Here we find a powerful software solution that is characterized by the stability it offers us in reproduction. It is seldom going to get blocked and it will fail us during the process. But it is not only that, but it also presents us with innumerable customizable functions even suitable for the most advanced users in these struggles.

In this way, this program is valid for those who just want to run your multimedia files, as for those who want to control the reproduction to the maximum. Next, we will talk to you in different ways about fully control the playback speed of our videos.

Functions to control speed in VLC

It goes without saying that when we load a video file into the program, it starts playing at the usual speed for which it was created. However, on certain occasions we may need to control that speed a little more than we are talking about. For this, the program offers us various ways with which we can master this aspect. It serves as a clear example of all this that, instead of carrying out a normal reproduction, we want do 10-second jumps in 10 seconds. For this we only have to go to the Playback / Skip forward menu.

It is worth mentioning that for this modality we can perform jumps both forward and backward, and instead of using the mentioned menu, use the right and left arrows on the keyboard. On the other hand, it may be the case that we need to see details of that particular video so as not to miss anything. Here the best we can do is play frame by frame, something that also allows us to do VLC. If we need to make use of this mode in terms of playback speed, we just have to press the E key. From that moment on we will see that each press corresponds to a new frame of the video.

With everything and with it in the same way we have the possibility of go directly to a certain time of the content. This is something that can be done especially useful in long videos. In addition, we can do it just by going to the Playback / Go to specific time menu.

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